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Are you Technically Ready for Back to School?

The Back to School season is going to look extremely different this year. With most Virginia schools opting for virtual classrooms, the good news is you get to save some money on backpacks and school clothes. Instead of buying new notebooks and lunch boxes, parents will most likely be investing in desks, laptops, and other supplies for the virtual school year. Here are just a few things you should be thinking about when getting ready for the new school year. 

Tightening Up Your Home Network

Between online school and telework, there’s no doubt your network will be tested. It’s your most important asset to a successful work or school routine, and it should be reliable, secure and strong. With help from Livewire, we’ll keep you connected so that you and your kids can stay productive while learning and working remotely. 

We offer services like free internet speed checks, wifi dead spot analysis, wifi security analysis and more, and we can do all of this remotely! Our team is able to log onto your system during your consultation and cover these important aspects. You can learn more about these options here

Upgrade Your Sound

For many, the soft lull of white noise or low-fi beats can be really helpful in increasing productivity. By implementing products, like a Sonos speaker, to every room in your home, everyone is able to listen to the music that helps them work best. 

Bring in Quality Lighting

Since we’re all spending so much time inside, it’s important that our homes emulate lighting that follows our circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is our natural, internal process for regulating the sleep-wake cycle. With an automated lighting system, your body is able to stay on track and stay well regulated. 

Getting a proper amount of sleep not only encourages a healthy immune system, but it also promotes productivity and our ability to focus. 

Create Designated Space for Learning

Although doing homework from bed is tempting, it’s essential that students have a designated area that separates work and play. Creating a space that is ideal for virtual students includes quality products like a crystal-clear external camera, headphones, and perhaps even external speakers. Investing in items like a new desk and comfortable seating will also make the new, virtual school year much more enjoyable for the both of you. 

Giving your kids a break from this area can also help them be successful this school year. Stepping away from the screens during lunch, snack, or play time can help them relieve stress and recharge for their future sessions. Printing out assignments rather than working with them online can also serve as an option for limiting screen time. 

For parents and kids across Virginia, schooling this year is going to feel and look very different. It’s an adjustment that we’re all dealing with, and we’re here to help you wherever we can.

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