Benefits of a Home Theater System

Although it’s easy enough to watch a TV show, movie or sports game from your television, tablet or smartphone, these convenient technologies don’t come close to providing the viewing experience of a home theater.  The natural reaction is to associate a home theater with the most lavish, extravagant homes, and assume it’s not an attainable goal for you.  However, thanks to affordable technology and creative design strategies, you too can have a custom home theater experience inside your home.

Location, location, location

Choosing a location is the first step in determining how to build a home theater.  The ideal space should be relatively isolated from the rest of the home, as to not disturb central areas.  Ideally it would measure roughly 20 feet long by 13 feet wide with high ceilings, but most spaces are adaptable given the right dimensions and location.  If you don’t already have a perfect spot to dedicate your home theater (think finished basement or attic) there are other options.  Some ideas include closing in a second story loft, converting a spare bedroom or formal living space, even building an addition off the family room if it’s in your budget.

Emphasize special features and small details

Whether you’ve chosen the ideal location for your home theater, or want some feedback on how to get creative with tight spaces, it’s important to precisely plan logistics before starting the project.  Livewire, a reputable, experienced home theater company will ensure everything is perfectly positioned and installed to guarantee an optimal viewing experience.  Aside from the audio visual equipment and automation system, some important features in your home theater design include:

  • Configuration—arrangement of equipment, seating, proper positioning of the entryway to enhance the viewing experience
  • Lighting—techniques to combat natural light and thoughtful lighting schemes (dimmable recessed lighting and wall sconces) for an authentic environment
  • Acoustics—strategies to isolate outside noise by designing the space to absorb sound instead of reflecting or transmitting it
  • Custom wood furniture from—seating and accommodations based on the size of the room, desired style and taste
  • With the help of our expert integrators, a home theater can be built from scratch to your exact design specifications and budget.  There are many benefits of a home theater…
  • Custom design—You pick the equipment, the furniture, and the room where your home theater is located.  Each choice is specific to your needs and budget, which adds to the overall enjoyment of your custom home theater.
  • Increase home value—Large area to dedicate or a small room to transform, now a days people will get down payment assistance missouri in order to buy any real estate property they like, now they have the ease of buying it even if they don’t have the money right away, either way a home theater will increase property value according to real estate experts interviewed by the NY Times You should also check out these other trends in real estate.
  • Social perks—If you like entertaining and inviting family and friends over, your home theater will certainly lure them in.  Game days to movie nights, slumber parties to special events, your home will be the go-to spot for all things entertainment.
  • Authentic experience—Imagine larger than life visuals, crisp sound and plush seating that makes you feel like you’re in a movie theater (minus the ticket price and cost of concession!) without leaving your home.
  • Custom-designed home theater installation—Built just for you, the custom designed end product will be the product of your imagination and our skilled technicians.


Ready to tap into the benefits of having your own home theater?  Let Livewire take care of everything from the initial design to the final installation.  Our team of expert home automation specialists will cover all the bases like equipment and tools training, as well as be there when you need us for technical updates and equipment upgrades. Contact Livewire today at (804) 441-7627 for a free consultation and start envisioning a true theater experience in your home!

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