Bring Audio Video Outdoors This Summer With Livewire


The Perfect Solution for Outdoor Entertainment in Richmond, VA

Summer is approaching, and you’re going to want to spend more time outdoors. But just because you’re on the deck grilling or taking a dip in your pool doesn’t mean you have to leave your entertainment inside. Outdoor audio video systems can transform your Richmond, VA smart home by bringing your music and movies to the spaces you want to be. Take a look at the ways Livewire can enhance your yard, pool or deck with seamlessly integrated smart technology.

Feel the Boom with Sonance Speakers

Whether you are looking to chill in your backyard with a cold drink in your hand while listening to your favorite music, or you want to watch the game with your friends and family, you’ll need speakers that are durable and dependable. Sonance offers some of the highest-quality speaker systems available. Choose the nearly invisible rock speakers and subwoofers that sport natural colors and textures of the other rocks in your yard. Or choose the Sonance Landscape Series for even surround sound quality in every inch of your outdoor space. With Sonance, your listening room doesn’t have to be confined to your home’s interior.

Movie Nights with Sunbrite TVs

It sounds like a dream to be able to watch the news while getting some exercise in the pool, or entertain your friends and family with a favorite flick while taking in some sun on the deck. But with Sunbrite TVs, that dream is a reality. The first television specifically designed for outdoor use, Sunbrite is the perfect solution for anyone who loves to spend time out of the house, but wants to keep up with their entertainment, too. Water resistant, able to stand high heat, humidity and salt accumulation, these TVs are made to keep your eyes entertained – rain or shine.

Connect it All with Savant

Sure, it’s nice to have an outdoor audio video system, but it won’t mean much if you can’t control it. Integrating your controls with a Savant network will give you complete command of your home, indoor and out, with the simple touch of a button. You won’t have to go all the way inside just to queue up a movie, or to set the night’s playlist. You can do it all from your remote, smartphone or tablet. And whatever you use, make sure it’s water and weather resistant. You wouldn’t want your movie night plans ruined by a wet remote!

Are you ready to get started with an outdoor audio video system in your Richmond, VA home this summer? Contact us to begin the process of installation today!

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