How to Upgrade Your Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting with RGBTW Color

I fell in love with outdoor lighting during the pandemic when Coastal Source sent me a truckload of gear to install around my yard. It took me a while to trench, dig, cut and cajole all the lights in place, but when I did, the end result was well worth the effort. My property stands out after […]

How Does a Smart Home Work?

Smart home automation is no longer something you’ll only see in sci-fi movies set in a far-off future. While we still quite haven’t figured out how to install KITT from Knight Rider into your refrigerator – you can just have about every aspect of your home linked up to your network. You’ve no doubt seen […]

5 Ways Custom Lighting Can Improve Your Home

Custom lighting can change the way your home functions and improve your life. Automated lighting not only makes your house more convenient, but it can also save you money while making your home more secure and comfortable at the same time! Whether you’re just starting to explore home automation technologies or want to add features […]

How Can Smart Home Automation Save Money?

Owning a home can be expensive. For all of the tremendous benefits that come with being a homeowner, there also comes a long list of costs. Heating and cooling bills, electricity for the lights and appliances you use every day, Internet, cable – the list goes on. As energy costs continue to rise, energy efficiency […]

Six Smart Home Essentials

Updating your home automation at all times is a noble idea because it shows that all your system is working at an optimal level. Automating your home with popular home automation devices brings comfort and convenience to your daily life. Let’s dive into six smart home essentials that would make your daily life easier: Install […]

Why Do I Need A Service Plan?

Why do I need a service plan? We’re asked this question a lot – and it’s a fair point. While it’s true that a well-designed and properly-installed smart home system should last 3-5 years, there’s no guarantee the occasional issue won’t pop up. Smart home technology can be a big investment, so you should make sure […]

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is nothing to be intimidated by. No longer are systems overly complex or expensive to implement throughout your home. In fact, over the past decade home automation systems have become increasingly more attainable and realistic for homeowners.  As smart devices transition from integral parts of everyday life, it’s natural that we’ll continue to […]

How to Automate the Lights in Your Home

The advancement of technology has made our lives more comfortable and convenient, including automating our homes’ lighting. Automating your home’s lighting means controlling your lights’ on and off times, dimming levels, and color temperatures using your smartphone or voice commands. This can save you energy and money, enhance your home’s security, and create a more […]

Why We Use Mesh Networks for Home Automation

Nearly everything in your home can be controlled through automation, and mesh networks provide added security and reliability to your system. So much goes on behind the scenes with automated home systems, and it can take special consideration to make sure everything runs smoothly. After all, how awful would it be if your home security system […]

Wall-to-Wall Wifi for Home Automation

Have you ever had to struggle with faulty wifi?  We’ve all had that one room that always seems to have a spotty signal. Or maybe that one system that seems to go in and out of service. It can be frustrating to feel like your need to be tethered to a router to get a […]