DMF Lighting Solutions: Engineered Simplicity


At Livewire, we’re always looking to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Our talented team of technicians stays on top of emerging trends, practices, and products within the integration community. So we continue to provide customers with the most dynamic options on the market, we now offer the DRD Modular Downlighting System from DMF Lighting.

Engineered Simplicity

The DRD series is designed to fit every lighting spec you may come across. Fixed, adjustable, wall wash, round, square, 750 lumens, or 1250 lumens – whatever you need, it’s got you covered. Its modular design gives you total control of your lighting solution, and a single housing can accommodate 98% of downlighting use cases. The capabilities include:

  • – Changeable beam angles from 15 to 90+ degrees
  • – A wide range of color temperatures
  • – 120/277 voltage regulation
  • – Twist & lock trims for easy, tool-free installations
  • – Over 50 unique, air-tight trim options

The versatility offered by their design makes it easy to keep up with the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of your projects. You’re able to make modifications like switching from fixed to adjustable without ripping open the ceiling. Quick connects make this solution almost entirely plug and play.

Simply put, the DRD Series is engineered for the ultimate flexibility.

High-Performance Lighting

These puppies have an incredible range of light outputs. The DRD series can maintain a light output of 1250 lumens while aintaining natural, true-to-life colors. Its Warm Dim feature gives you the flexibility to choose the light that’s right for you. Switch from vibrant, full-spectrum lighting to warm, comfortable illumination with the push of a button. But that’s just the tip of this iceberg.

The real selling point for the DRD lighting series (aside from the incredible flexibility) stems from their drivers. DMF designed the drivers in-house, and they are completely integrated with the lighting system. This makes installations, redesigns, and servicing a total breeze – no wiring required! Plus, the drivers are compatible with TRIAC/ELV and 0-10V protocols, so 1% dimming is always an option.

Built to Last With Quality Materials

Good luck finding another lighting solution that offers this level of design and reliability. The driver, heat sink, and LED chip all integrate directly into the module (with built-in voltage regulation, thermal, and surge protection as well). According to tests conducted by DMF, the modules endured surge spikes up to 17x standard voltage, and maintain a continuous environment of 113° F for over 10,000 hours. This high-level of testing backs up the 50,000-hour guarantee on all DMF fixtures.

In addition to the robust lighting capabilities, the modules pair with over 50 unique trims. Precision-crafted aluminum trim will meet the design aesthetic of any project – wall wash, pinhole, round, square, flangeless, and custom color. Like the modules, the trims are completely interchangeable.

Service You Can Rely On

Extend your decision-making timeline with the adaptability of our DRD Series. The housings and modules can be shipped separately, so you can begin installation before the lighting design is finalized. This helps maintain tight project timelines, reduces on-site storage needs, and extends product warranties start times.

Interested in a DMF lighting solution? Livewire has the expertise you need in order to get started. Book your appointment or contact Livewire today!