The Future of Voice Control

It was pretty amazing when you could start ordering your phone to give you directions or call your mom (when it actually understood you that is).

And it was even more incredible when you bought that cute little speaker that could order you a pizza or play your favorite song.

Voice control is making all kinds of things possible in the connected home but it has not yet reached its full potential. Yes, you can turn on and off lights, adjust the temperature in the room, and control the music. But the future of voice control might blow your mind! Here’s what it looks like.

Eyes and Ears in More Places  

With the release of Amazon Echo Show, we will see more video capability (controlled by voice command) in the future of home automation.

“Show me who’s at the front door.”

“Message Mark from the other room.”

“Patch me into the conference room.”

Have you played with the Alexa “drop in” function? Now we have ears (and a screen if you have the Echo Show) connecting us instantly to other users.


Voice Controlled Appliances

Wouldn’t it be amazing if, instead of consulting the user manual or scouring an internet user forum, you could just ASK your oven what temperature to use? Or TELL it to preheat to 450?  We’re not that far off. Whirlpool is already working with the Amazon Alexa team to provide voice controlled appliances.


The Interface Will Change

As deep learning and machine learning becomes more commonplace, the one sentence orders we’ve been giving our home devices will change into multi threaded conversations. A.I. technology will get to a point where machines will have a deeper base of knowledge (beyond the information that lives on the internet) from which to work.


Embedding Voice into Business Processes

You can order a pizza from Dominoes, supplies from Amazon Prime, and an Uber with your voice. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Businesses are going to catch up and release their own skills – like perhaps car insurance quotes, craft beer delivery services (yes, please), or even scheduling abilities so you can make a hair or doctors appointment with your voice.

We can’t wait to see the voice enabled products of the future because let’s face it, ordering our kids around rarely works…

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