High Point Barbershop

How Livewire Helped High Point Barbershop With
Sound & Surveillance

Talk Shop Without Missing a Beat

Barbershops are one of those American institutions that will never die (we hope). Your barber is your trusted advisor and style guru and his chair is where you catch up on news, get the word on the street, and chat about life while you get cleaned up. High Point Barbershop has a very cool aesthetic that takes you back to 1950s New York. The challenge? The shotgun-style layout of the space made installing sound a question of where and how.

“Music is a big part of our shop. We wanted to be able to maintain that but also have the barbers easily communicate with each other.” – David Foster, High Point Barbershop Owner

High Point Barbershop & Shave Parlor is fueled by a love for Richmond and making its neighbors look and feel great. High Point’s shotgun-style space is brightly lit and full of flourishes that let you know you’re about to be pampered the minute you walk in. The low ceilings and cushy seating create an intimate setting, however, this poses a challenge when it comes to sound.

“We wanted to be able to have music but also have the barbers easily communicate with each other. It was a challenge to determine where to put the output of volume so that the barbers could work through their long days with music.” 

They also wanted to allow clients to hop on their wifi network without risking network security. And, they wanted to be able to monitor the shop through a surveillance system remotely. The team at Livewire swooped right in with solving their challenges. Coming up with the perfect speaker placement and volume made it so you weren’t walking through a wall of sound when walking in.

Livewire also installed a surveillance system consisting of 3 ceiling-mounted IP cameras throughout the space with a local storage device for recorded content. They can also remotely view the cameras through a mobile or desktop app.

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