Benefits of a Home Theater System

With the rise of streaming, it’s easy enough to watch almost anything from any device at any time. While there’s definitely convenience in lounging in bed on a tablet, nothing beats the benefits provided by a home theater. With affordable technology and creative designs, it’s easier than ever to build a custom viewing experience inside your home.

Location, Location, Location

The biggest benefit to building your own home theater is right there in the name: home. Catch the blockbusters and avoid the summer heat. Check out the Oscar favorites without having to slog through the winter chills. Today, home theaters can provide a cinematic experience on par with what you see on the silver screen. With more and more studios shifting to a dual theater and streaming release model, you can still catch the premier!

But where exactly is the best fit for a custom theater? Every home is different – but here’s a few things to consider:

  • – The ideal space should be relatively isolated from the rest of the home to avoid disturbing central areas.
  • – Preferred measurements are roughly 20 feet long by 13 feet wide with high ceilings. But most spaces are adaptable given the right dimensions and location.
  • – If you don’t already have a perfect spot for your home theater (a finished basement or attic), don’t get discouraged.  We’ve worked on homes to close in a second story loft, converted a spare bedroom, and even built a family room addition (if it’s in your budget).

Special Features and Small Details

Regardless of where you choose to build your home theater, it’s important to plan ahead. An experienced home theater provider can ensure everything is installed correctly and positioned properly for the ultimate viewing experience. Aside from securing the right audio visual equipment for your needs and an automation system to make it easy, there’s some other important features to consider:

  • – Configuration – Make sure the arrangement of equipment, seating, and proper positioning of the entryway enhance the viewing experience.
  • – Lighting – Combat natural light and use thoughtful lighting schemes (like dimmable recessed lighting and wall sconces) for an authentic environment.
  • – Acoustics – Isolate outside noise by designing the space to absorb sound instead of reflecting or transmitting it. 
  • – Furniture – Use seating and accommodations that fit the size and aesthetics of the room. We love recommending custom products for a really unique environment.

An Experience Above

Whether you’re a social butterfly or an introvert looking for a getaway, a home theater can deliver. Your place will be the go-to for friends and family to spend game days and movie nights. While testing out movie theater popcorn recipes, you’ll find larger than life visuals, crisp sound and plush seating without the price of admission! Not to mention the increase home theaters bring to property values

Ready to tap into the benefits of having your own home theater?  Let Livewire take care of everything from the initial design to the final installation. Our team of expert home automation specialists will cover all the bases like equipment and tools training, as well as be there when you need us for technical updates and equipment upgrades.

Contact Livewire today and start envisioning a true theater experience in your home!



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