Houses of Worship

At Livewire, we offer comprehensive design, installation, and calibration services for live audio and video production systems tailored specifically for houses of worship. Leveraging a diverse range of top-tier brands and vendors, we ensure your production is professional and technologically advanced.

Our Services


The journey begins with a thorough consultation. We recommend a 2-hour meeting with your Livewire consultant and all key stakeholders at your place of worship. This session will cover:

  • Current Production State: Review your existing audio and video systems.
  • Pain Points: Identify issues and limitations with your current setup.
  • Vision for Upgrades: Discuss your goals and desired improvements.
  • Training Needs: Evaluate any deficiencies within your production team.
  • Timeline: Establish a realistic timeline for the project.
  • Budget: Outline financial considerations and constraints.

Executive Summary and Budget Estimation

Following the consultation, your Livewire consultant will prepare a detailed executive summary that includes:

  • Current Production Overview: A comprehensive analysis of your existing setup.
  • Statement of Objectives: Clear goals and objectives for the project.
  • Functionality and Capabilities Review: A high-level overview of the expected outcomes and benefits post-project.
  • Budget Estimation: An estimated budget range to achieve the outlined objectives.

Project Overview Meeting

We will present the executive summary and budget to all decision-makers and stakeholders. This meeting ensures your vision for the upgrades is accurately captured and provides an opportunity to:

  • Review the high-level project details.
  • Confirm the alignment of the project with your vision.
  • Make any necessary changes to the project scope.

Final Design

After the Project Overview Meeting, you’ll receive a comprehensive final design, which includes:

  • Final Estimate: Detailed breakdown of all parts, materials, and labor costs.
  • Floor Plan: Equipment locations and layout, highlighting all critical gear and storage areas.
  • Wiring Schematics: Detailed diagrams outlining all connections for efficient installation and future troubleshooting.
  • Mixer Configuration Document: Detailed configuration of all channels and routing allocations.
  • Project Plan: A full project timeline, including key milestones and contact information.
  • Access Plan: Outline of access requirements to your house of worship during installation.


Our team ensures effective project design to mitigate potential issues during installation. Our installation services include:

  • Wiring Installation: Professional installation of all necessary wiring.
  • Equipment Installation: Setup of all audio, video, and lighting equipment.
  • Production Facility Construction: Building or upgrading your production facility.
  • Microphone/Instrument Connections: Proper setup and connection of all microphones and instruments.
  • Video/Camera Calibration: Calibration of all video and camera equipment.
  • Mixer Configuration: Detailed configuration of the mixing console.
  • Speaker Calibration: Precise calibration of all speakers to ensure optimal sound quality.
  • Mic/Instrument Calibration: Calibration of microphones and instruments for clear and balanced audio.
  • Advanced Mixer and Mic Calibration: Fine-tuning with the worship team, including sound checks and rehearsal tuning.


Prior to installation, Livewire provides resources to address any training deficiencies. Once the production system is successfully installed and calibrated, we dedicate time to train your production team on:

  • Mixer Functions: Understanding and using the mixing console effectively.
  • Audio Parameters: Learning key audio settings and adjustments.
  • Troubleshooting: Resolving common production issues.

After the training, we provide additional resources to support the ongoing development of your live audio and video production team.


Livewire offers support for the first public performance or use of your new production system, ensuring any unforeseen issues are resolved immediately. We also provide:

  • Remote Support Plans: Ongoing remote assistance.
  • Extended Warranty Options: Additional coverage for your new or upgraded production system.

Our Solutions

Live Audio Solutions

  • Speakers: Point Source, Line-Array, Column Array, Subwoofers, Stage Monitors, In-Ear Monitors.
  • Amplifiers: High-performance and resilient solutions for reliable power.
  • Mixers: Industry-leading digital mixing consoles from Allen & Heath, Soundcraft, and Yamaha.
  • Microphones: High-performance microphones from Shure, Sennheiser, and AKG.

Live Streaming Solutions

  • PTZ Cameras and Camera Controllers: High-quality, remote-controlled cameras.
  • Livestream Controllers and Video Switching Systems: Seamless control and switching for live streams.
  • Professional Video Monitoring: High-definition video monitoring solutions.
  • Audio Interfaces: Reliable interfaces for integrating audio into live streams.

Video Solutions

  • Projector and LED Display Systems: High-quality displays from Sony, Samsung, LG, Epson, Optoma.
  • Presentation Video Switching Systems: Smooth switching between video sources.
  • Confidence Monitors: Displays for presenters to view their presentations.

Lighting Solutions

  • House Lighting Control: Efficient and user-friendly lighting control systems.
  • Automatic Tracking Spotlight Systems: Advanced spotlight systems that follow presenters automatically.
  • Lighting Controllers: Top-tier controllers from brands like Lutron and DMX.

Why Choose Livewire?

With accredited and certified experts boasting decades of experience, Livewire is your low-risk solution to upgrading your house of worship’s production capabilities. We are committed to delivering industry-leading solutions that align with your technology vision.

Explore the transformative power of professional audio and video production with Livewire. Contact us today to start your consultation.