Is now a good time to buy a TV?

The short answer for most consumers is, “yes”. In fact, if price is your concern, it’s the best time to buy a TV. With new models trickling out into the wild, most prospective buyers hesitate to take advantage of the lower prices they’re seeing on last-year models. Most people feel that something later and greater will be released and their new TV will be left in the dust. However, it’s quite the opposite. I’ve often explained that TV’s are like cars. Every year you can expect a new model, but what is actually different? Sure, it may sport a new shell and maybe an updated feature or two, but often what’s under the hood remains the same. It’s very rare that a revolutionary technology will be released that changes the overall performance of a TV (or even car). If so, you’re probably an “early-adopter” and you’re not concerned with the price. Keep in mind, just because a new model is released doesn’t mean the old ones go away instantly. Many manufacturers and retailers hold off sales on new models until the older models have been sold. Meaning, you could be paying full retail on the new models months after they’re released.

Don’t get me wrong… you will begin to see some amazing new technology this year. With the release of UltraHD (4K) and OLED displays, televisions will continue to get better and better. The big hold up continues to be availability, pricing, and content. OLED technology was developed years ago and we still haven’t seen them available at retail. We finally expect to see some OLED TV’s this year, but be prepared to pay a pretty penny! This technology will easily cost twice the price of today’s LED and plasma models. As for UltraHD, it’s an amazing image! The harsh truth is that we still haven’t fully adopted 1080P (many cable providers still offer content in 720P or 1080i), so what can we expect in UltraHD?

The point is simple: if you continue to wait, there will always be something better – it’s technology! But if your goal is to get a great TV at an even better price, don’t be afraid to buy now.

— by Brad Camp, Senior Sales & Design Engineer at Livewire, LLC

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