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Our team can help keep you productive and your business running securely while working from your home office space.

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Work From Home Technology Solutions From Livewire

Remain competitive, productive and connected as you work in a remote environment. A crucial part of staying collaborative is the technology and network you rely on. 

Staying on top of business priorities or your work to-do list involves more than just a device. The network you connect to should be reliable, secure, and strong. After all, a network is the backbone of a smart and secure home office space.

We’ll keep you connected and equip your home with the necessities to keep productivity high while working remotely.

Livewire can build a custom work-from-home strategy that best fits your technology needs. Our team will log onto your system remotely during the free consultation and cover these important technology aspects:

Internet Speed Check

Tired of slow load times or spotty connection? Our Internet Speed Test can check the quality, speed, and effectiveness of your current home internet. 

  • Maximize your internet speed
  • Better online activity experience
  • Less wait time for uploads & downloads

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WiFi Dead Spot Analysis

Does your WiFi connection vary from room to room? Signal loss or “dead spots” could be interrupting your home WiFi’s strength and hinder your ability to work in certain spaces. 

  • Improve your WiFi’s signal throughout your home
  • Flexibility to work-from-anywhere in your home

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WiFi Security Analysis

With the flexibility of bringing work home also brings the importance of security measures being taken to protect your assets. Our team of technology experts can analyze your WiFi connection security strength or improvements to keep your devices protected.

  • Ensure endpoints are secure in a remote environment
  • Recommendations to improve security strength for maximum protection

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Identify Areas For Upgrades & Improvements

Looking to identify other areas of improvement for your remote working space? We’ll connect with you via phone or FaceTime to discuss your technology issues and possible upgrade solutions.

  • Customized plan for your technology needs
  • A dedicated team of experts to help identify areas of opportunity to improve your technology network

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Schedule Your Free Technology Check-Up Today

At Livewire, our professional team can help you decide the best solution for your work from home environment and implement the latest technologies to ensure a robust connection that doesn’t sacrifice performance. 

Ready to start improving your comprehensive work from home space? Get started by scheduling a no-obligation consultation to see how we can help today. 

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