Monument Multifamily Technology


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Smarter Multifamily Solutions

Detect Leaks.

  • Get alerted when there’s a leaky pipe or running toilet
  • Measure water usage across all your apartments

Adjust your thermostat remotely.

  • Set custom smart schedules to automate your thermostat
  • Have your thermostat automatically adjust during extreme hot or cold weather to reduce energy
  • Manage all units from a single dashboard


Lock and unlock your doors remotely.

  • Assign unique codes for guest entry
  • Set custom notifications to know when the door has been accessed
  • Centralized management for move-in/move-out
  • Works over cellular. No Internet connection required.

Package Includes:
(1) Smart Deadbolt (installation by licensed locksmith or maintenance personnel not included)
(1) Flow Meter (installation by licensed plumber not included)
(1) Smart Thermostat (installation by licensed HVAC technician not included)
(1) Cellular Connected Hub
(1) Interactive Services Subscription ($19.99 monthly per door) and free smartphone app
Initial Investment: $799 per door

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