All Weather TV

The latest video display technology isn’t limited to your home theater. Enjoy the exciting environments of Fredericksburg, Williamsburg and Richmond while never missing a moment of your favorite entertainment with an all-weather television integrated with your outdoor entertainment system.

Ultra-bright, outdoor televisions give you the freedom to experience the changing Virginia seasons with the confidence that your video display will remain visible even when exposed to direct sunlight. Featuring weather, moisture, heat and salinity-resistant components, outdoor televisions are essential for viewing sports games, watching movies or simply bringing the family together in any climate.

Manufacturers like Sunbrite understand that your yard, patio and pool areas are used for more than simply gathering around the TV. That’s why they rigorously test them for typical outdoor conditions that go beyond weather and temperature. Tests include hurtling common objects like balls and Frisbees at the screen, ensuring lasting durability in any home.

Moreover, sensitive ports and connections are sealed away to keep them functioning even in the harshest environments. HDMI in-puts, coaxial connections and other standard television ports are included so that your video looks as good as it does inside your home.

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