Rock the Vote: 60 Seconds with CEDIA Board Candidate Henry Clifford

Elections aHenry Cliffordre currently underway for the CEDIA Board of Directors, and each week   between now and the October 22 voting deadline, we will profile one of the candidates on the ballot. So far, we’ve met candidates Federico Bausone and Bob Brown. This week, we get to know Henry Clifford.


3 Quick Questions

CEDIA: What is your vision for CEDIA to ensure that it remains relevant and prominent in how it serves this fast-paced industry?

Clifford: “Constantly adapt in the face of change by being proactive and listening to our members.”

CEDIA: What goals would you expect the board to prioritize in the upcoming years?

Clifford: “Avoiding disintermediation and helping our fragmented industry standardize best practices.”

CEDIA: How do you see the Industry evolving over the next 5 to 10 years?

Clifford: “The high end will continue to grow with the phenomenon of ‘good enough’ satisfying the middle and lower segments. Commoditization will occur in the latter two segments.”


About Henry

Henry Clifford founded Livewire of Richmond, Va., in 2002 after identifying a need for simple home technology in Central Virginia. His passion for technology began during childhood with frequent visits to his grandparents’ home in Maine featuring lessons in soldering, audiophile sound quality production and endless Heathkit projects.

At 18, he started his first company at the University of Maryland — an IT firm specializing in Web development and network administration. The .com boom of the nineties taught him valuable lessons about project management, the importance of systems & processes in business and interacting with a wide variety of talented professionals.

After the 2001 financial collapse, his lifelong passion for technology made the next startup an easy choice. He identified a gap in the market after trying to find an ESC to install technology in a new home he purchased and seized on the opportunity to start another company. Clifford opened Livewire for business on January 5, 2002 with its focus centered around listening to client needs and crafting solutions around the notion of using technology to reduce friction.

Livewire grew quickly and secured exclusive home technology relationships with the 2 largest builders in Central Virginia. Livewire accelerated from 1-2 projects per month to 400-600 projects per year. Livewire opened its showroom in 2006, having doubled its revenue year over year since 2002. In 2006-2007 the new construction market quickly turned south and Livewire reinvented itself, adding solar energy and high end renovation/retrofit solutions in 2008. Throughout the downturn, Livewire streamlined and became more efficient through training, rigid process implementation and prudent financial analysis.

In 2011 Livewire acquired three competitors, added 5,000 square feet of office/warehouse space and is now the largest ESC in Central Virginia. Each member of the Livewire team has been handpicked and their combined talents fuel the company’s explosive growth.


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Posted on September 27, 2012 by CEDIA

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