Switchable Projection Window

The Switchable Projection Window turns instantly from a clear glass screen into an HD projection surface at the flick of a switch. And because they sport a very minimal look that integrates well with any architectural or contemporary interior, making them the ideal screen choice for both historical buildings and modern hi-tech environments.

A Switchable Projection Window (SPW) mainly consists of two parts: 3G Switchable Glass and outdoor rotary blinds. You can switch 3G Switchable Glass from opaque to clear, and it is made of liquid crystal display (LCD). A simple ON-OFF mode switches the glass from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque) and in its frosted state, the glass becomes a high definition rear projection screen (front/dual projection versions are also available).

SPWs are incredibly dynamic, with as many as 12 standard functions. These include normal window functions like open, closed, and clear, privacy modes with adjustable opacity, a projection screen function (for high-quality video), movie, presentation, and dry-erase whiteboard function. Not to mention they’re easily converted to touch screens.

Numerous Applications

And SPW is very useful for several applications. Firstly, it’s a window! Let the sunlight shine through when you don’t need darkness in the space. This adds greater flexibility to the space, meaning it can serve as a family room, game room, study room, or office. The SPW can transition to a projection screen when you’re ready to dim the lights and start the show,  Their versatility makes SPWs incredibly versatile and very energy-efficient.

Projections are capable of delivering a ton of information and far more grayscales for digital graphic images. This means the scene depictions are rich with the gradation of colors and look softer and closer to real-world situations. Digital projections deliver billions of colors, so no quality is lost for high-definition imagery.

There’s potential for cost savings as well, especially in new construction. Since an SPW is in fact a window, it reduces the materials needed to finish out a wall (which is more expensive than a traditional window). With compensation of the wall cost, adding an SPW could come at little or no additional cost. Architects and home builders also welcome this kind of technology, because it not only represents innovation in the home theater space but also allows for greater flexibility in design and installation.

Aside from the added flexibility SPWs can offer a space, they’re more durable than traditional LCD televisions. It has a wide range of application temperatures (-22 ºF to 176 ºF), great UV stability, and is water-resistant. SPWs are viewable from both sides of the glass and have a complete 360º viewing angle. Do you have a window in your living room that looks into your backyard? Now imagine if that window could turn into a projection screen for people inside and outside to watch the game simultaneously!

Go Beyond Windows

Smart Glass applications don’t stop at windows. In fact, you can construct entire walls with the material. Say you have a wall between the primary bedroom and the bathroom. It can be built with 3G Switchable Glass for a great view during the day, with the ability to turn opaque when privacy is needed. If you already have glass installed, 3G Switchable Film can be applied to existing windows to function as shading. With the flick of a switch, they have the capacity to reject 70% heat. The cost is similar to motorized window shades, and the opacity can be gradually controlled at different levels.

SPWs are also a great solution for offices, retail shops, and other commercial or public areas. Turn any window display into a dynamic product demonstration. That conference room in the middle of your office? Turn any window into a presentation frame or dry erase board, or crank up the opacity for privacy during meetings. Use entire buildings as billboards without blocking any windows.

Proper integration of technology in your home is integral to setting the right functionality and mood for a space. Home design expertise is a must when it comes to achieving your goals. Find out how Livewire can help and give us a call today (804) 793-8919.