How Much Does Digital Signage Cost?

From superior versatility to dynamic messaging to more integrated communication, the advantages associated with digital signage are numerous. Understanding the fundamental digital signage costs is critical to making the right purchase decision. Since we’re talking about modern technology tools, the cost factor includes hardware, installation, software, tech support, and more. Some companies might wonder about the […]

How Much Should a Small Business Security System Cost?

As a small business owner, you have important elements to protect, including files, computers, goods you sell, and many other assets. You might think that the security system cost is too expensive, or that it might be overkill for a small business, but is that really the case? Security systems come in many different sizes […]

How Livewire Helped Envera Health Bolster its Tech and Turn Down Its Chatter

When Envera Health moved operations from an office building in the suburbs to an old tobacco warehouse downtown, they increased the cool factor but upped the noise level. It was important for Envera Health to showcase their tech talent to clients who visit the space, but equally important to maintain a healthy volume level in […]

How Livewire Tailored the Perfect Technology Set-up for Alton Lane

Alton Lane doesn’t just sell men’s clothing, they create customized experiences for each customer who walks through their doors. When they moved into their space on Libbie and Grove, they had a number of tech needs and some very noisy upstairs neighbors. They needed to create an atmosphere that was modern and cool but comfortable […]

How Livewire Enhanced Customer Interactions and Employee Engagement With Advanced Technology

When The Fahrenheit Group decided to get away from the “traditional” office setting and move to Scott’s Addition, they had some technology challenges to solve. They wanted a hip vibe and their technology needs included a laundry list of audio/visual solutions throughout the office. The challenge? Choosing technology complimenting the needs of their employees, clients, […]