A Guide To Wired and Wireless Home Networks

Technology has become so interconnected, that nowadays nearly all of your devices can communicate with one another. Everything from smartphones, computers, A/V systems, HVAC, and lighting (heck there are even smart toasters now) can communicate with one another, creating a system that integrates seamlessly. But strong home networks are a crucial element in your system’s […]

Home Networking With eero Pro 6 PoE

eero’s latest products look to the future of mesh networks. I love products that just seem to work properly. AirPods, iPhones, Dyson vacuums, and Pet Rocks are rare examples of simplicity in a world full of shiny space junk that claims simplicity but most times falls far short of the mark. In this same vein, […]

Wall-to-Wall Wifi for Home Automation

Have you ever had to struggle with faulty wifi?  We’ve all had that one room that always seems to have a spotty signal. Or maybe that one system that seems to go in and out of service. It can be frustrating to feel like your need to be tethered to a router to get a […]

Does RAM Impact Internet Speed?

Many people believe that having lots of RAM means faster downloads and quicker browsing online. But does RAM actually impact your internet speed? The short answer might be yes, but there is a lot more to understand when trying to get the most out of your network. For example, your browser of choice can have […]

Your Wi-Fi Signal And 9 Obstacles Killing It Softly

You’ve done everything right, so why is your wi-fi signal still spotty? Anything in your line of sight can negatively impact your Wi-Fi signal. The materials used to construct your home, your neighbor’s networking activity, the layout of your furniture, and even certain kitchen appliances can impede the performance of a home network. But what […]

Product Review: eero Pro 6 Mesh Wi-Fi Network

We put the new eero Pro 6 mesh wi-fi network to the test The folks at eero sent me their new eero Pro 6 mesh system to try out last month. This is the first new product since their recent acquisition by Amazon so I was doubly interested to see how this new release would […]