Are you Technically Ready for Back to School?

The back-to-school season looks a little different these days! With several schools now offering virtual learning programs, parents might be investing in desks, laptops, and other supplies along with the usual notebooks and lunch boxes. The good news is you get to save some money on backpacks and school clothes! Here are just a few […]

Upgrade Your Wifi With The eero Pro 6E Mesh

I can’t resist new shiny objects. Even though the Wi-Fi 6 standard just debuted less than 24 months ago, that may as well have been a decade in tech years. The new eero WiFi Pro 6E mesh network is a great example of this new phenomenon of incremental, but nevertheless meaningful, upgrades well before the […]

Your Wi-Fi Signal And 9 Obstacles Killing It Softly

You’ve done everything right, so why is your wi-fi signal still spotty? Anything in your line of sight can negatively impact your Wi-Fi signal. The materials used to construct your home, your neighbor’s networking activity, the layout of your furniture, and even certain kitchen appliances can impede the performance of a home network. But what […]

Is Ethernet Necessary in 2022?

If you want a flexible workspace, go with wifi. But if you want fast, reliable connections, you need to go with ethernet. At least that’s been the line of thinking for the past decade or so. Comparing an ethernet connection to wifi isn’t just about speed. There are more advantages and drawbacks to both options […]

Home Internet Tips and Tricks

With so many of us cooped up at home, it’s no surprise that internet connections are beginning to slow and experience disruptions. Every connected device, from a TV streaming Netflix to your computer running a conference call, impacts your home network’s overall performance. If your connected experience is less than ideal, here are some helpful […]