The Nest Home Technology


Congratulations! Your luxury apartment at The Nest, managed by Dodson Property Management, is being updated with the following state-of-the-art amenities through our partnership with Livewire — Richmond’s premier provider of Technology Made Simple:

iphone_lights iphone_locks iphone_thermostat

Stay connected anywhere, anytime.


Turn lights on and off remotely.

  • Get alerted when you left your lights on or have lights turn on/off automatically when leaving/coming home
  • Extend bulb life

Adjust your thermostat remotely.

  • Set custom smart schedules to automate your thermostat
  • Have your thermostat automatically adjust during extreme hot or cold weather to reduce energy
  • Receive alerts via text or email if home reaches critical temperatures


Lock and unlock your doors remotely.

  • Assign unique codes for guest entry
  • Set custom notifications to know when the door has been accessed
  • Centralized management for move-in/move-out

Detect water damage immediately.

  • Water damage can cost thousands if preventative solutions aren’t in place.
  • Our Water Sensor detects leaks and alerts you instantly so you can act quickly or even have your home’s water supply shut off automatically to prevent flooding.

(1) Smart Lock ($179 a la carte)
(2) Smart Lightswitch Locations ($68 each a la carte)
(1) Smart Thermostat ($199 a la carte)
(1) Water Sensor ($39 a la carte)

  • Initial Investment: $899.99 with $19.99 monthly interactive services subscription per unit
  • Common Area Access Control: $1,500 with $14.99 monthly interactive services subscription (per door).


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