Want Your Music and Video Everywhere?

Want Your Music and Video Everywhere

Follow Livewire’s Guide to Planning a Whole-Home Audio & Video System

Think about all the different electronic devices you have throughout your home, from TVs and DVD players to speakers and satellite receivers. That’s a lot of technology to manage and share. Every member of your family probably has different tastes when it comes to music and movies. With the right home audio video system, there’s no need to fight over the remote, fear missing your favorite TV show, or be forced to listen to you kids’ music selections. Let the professionals at Livewire design and install a media distribution system that meets your unique needs and enhances your Richmond, Virginia home. Here’s what to consider when planning your system.

Create Unique Zones
Everyone knows the importance of sharing, but sometimes you’d prefer to have control of your space. Thanks to the magic of matrix switchers, a device that routes multiple audio/video sources to multiple destinations, you can decide what you listen to (or watch) in every room of your home. Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party as light jazz fills the background and the kids watch their favorite movie in the rec room. Each zone or space can be easily controlled from touchscreen panels or keypads. With such a feature, you’ll get double, triple, or even quadruple benefits out the system whenever the family is in different rooms.

Build a Dedicated Home Theater
One of the most unique audiovisual spaces to consider is the home theater. What if you could experience the cinematic wonder of an award-winning film in your home? Whether you want to add AV components to your living room or transform another area of your home into a dedicated theater, you’ll find this is the space you most often gather together with family and friends. With a home theater, you’ll be able to watch your favorite sports team, and your kids can immerse in the latest video game.

Outfit the Outdoors
Change the dynamic of your next patio party or summer BBQ and transform your backyard with outdoor AV. When perusing the selection of electronics, be sure to choose equipment that is made for the outdoors. TVs and speakers designed for outdoor use can withstand extreme heat, cold, and insects. A weatherproof and waterproof remote is also a wise choice. Since your DVD player and receiver will be located inside, it’s important to get a remote that will work through walls.

Take Your Outdoor Entertainment To The Next Level with an Outdoor Theater

With so many spaces and options, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. But don’t worry. Whole home media distribution is simple to use, produces dynamic sound, and the biggest bonus is it’s highly adaptable and expandable. Want to simplify how you enjoy entertainment? Contact the tech gurus at Livewire and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

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