“You forgot to arm your security system”

I received a text message this morning. From my house. Eerie and cool all at the same time.

It all started last week. We always test new products in my house first. The theory is if my wife likes it, so will our clients. So far so good. Turns out my wife really likes this new security system. Particularly the electronic deadbolts. I get jazzed about all sorts of stuff, but electronic deadbolts wouldn’t crack the top 10. “Each cat to his own ashcan,” my grandmother would say.

Still, a happy wife’s endorsement is not to be ignored, so we’re proudly announcing our newest security system product featuring (among many other cool options) Geo-services, which enables drawing a virtual fence around your home or office and telling the system to alert you if you forgot to lock the doors, turn out the lights or walk the dog (not really – but you get the idea). We’re pretty excited about our new system here at Livewire at invite you to come over anytime for a demo (or have us over to show you an in-person demonstration). It even looks cool and has apps for iOS and Android. It’s totally wireless and works over the cellular network, so there’s no phone line to cut (or pay for). Check it out below:

2 gig alarm panel


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