Invision is our exclusive 24/7/365 Remote Support.

Technology systems occasionally experience disruptions. We proactively monitor and fix your system remotely to enable you to reset your own system easily… we always have you covered.

Lighting Control

From a single room to the whole house, indoor and outdoor, explore Livewire’s lighting control systems for improved safety, security, energy savings and convenience.

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Outdoor Lighting

Our experienced team of custom outdoor lighting experts will work with you to create the outdoor space of your dreams.

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Home Networking

Multiple devices needing to be connected often means a tangle of wires. networking these devices can be confusing. Let Livewire help you transition to seamless integration.

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Home Control

Combine multiple Livewire services for the ultimate in convenience, safety, and luxury. See how Livewire makes it all fit together to give you total control from anywhere.

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Livewire offers next-generation home security solutions that keep you and your home safe, even if you aren’t there. Learn more about Livewire’s advanced security solutions.

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Distributed A/V

Don’t confine all your home’s media to one room. Let Livewire make your entire collection and popular streaming services like Netflix & Pandora accessible. Learn more about whole-home music and video here.

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