Commercial Network Services

At Livewire, we know how important it is to stay connected. Not only does it make our day-to-day routines more convenient, but today’s businesses can’t even run properly without a fully-functioning, reliable network. We provide commercial network services so businesses can go through their days worry-free, knowing their network is up and running.

Every commercial space is unique, and each has unique connectivity needs. Livewire will help you navigate your network installation, so you get the highest quality technology with our best-in-class service. From small businesses to large commercial infrastructure, we can do it all including MDF/IDF wiring, patch panels, and pre-wiring. We offer Wi-Fi and network router installation, commercial cabling and wiring, and cellular signal boosters to meet all of your business needs. 

To get started with custom commercial network services for your business, contact our team at Livewire.

Wi-Fi & Network Router Installation

Setting up Wi-Fi in a commercial setting isn’t simple as it is at home. The robust needs of a fast-paced business environment require a more comprehensive network. The wrong router setup can create connectivity issues that frustrate employees and customers and could even cost the company revenue.

Our team of experienced professionals knows the ins and outs of network router installation, especially commercial Wi-Fi installation. Your entire office will be set up for wired and wireless connectivity, so authorized personnel always have easy access. With a commercial network service installed by Livewire, you’ll never worry about your wireless router setup again.

Commercial Electric Wiring

The biggest difference between a network installation at a private residence and one in a commercial setting is the amount of electric wiring. Commercial environments often contain multiple levels, drastically different room layouts, or different connectivity goals for each space. While important, WiFi can only get you so far. Wired connections throughout your business are important because of their superior reliability and improved security.

Due to these challenges, it’s important to rely on the expertise of a trained, experienced, and professional commercial installer. Our experts in cabling installation can ensure you have dependable wired connections spanning the entire facility.

Cellular Signal Boosters

We’re not just connected to our smartphones – in some instances, they’re a necessary part of doing business. Unfortunately, many commercial environments are built without cell signals in mind. This is especially true in a city as historic as Richmond!

Livewire provides commercial cellular signal boosters so every area of the property, including industrial sites, has crystal clear reception. No more walking around the building searching for a strong signal when an important call comes through.


Custom Commercial Network Services For Reliable Connectivity

We guarantee reliable, dependable commercial network installations for your business site. Our experienced team will be with you during every stage of the process to offer guidance and expertise.

1. Discovery

We’ll work together to determine the scope of your commercial network, and tailor it to your specific business connectivity needs.

2. Delivery

Once we’ve developed a strategy, we’ll present you with a detailed overview of the proposed system. We’ll make sure you know the exact specifications and capabilities of your network services before moving forward with any installation.

3. Demonstration

We test every component of the installed network to make sure it’s configured properly.  Afterward, we’ll give you a full demonstration of how the network works and provide any training on its features. The installation isn’t complete until you have a full understanding of your network.

4. Follow Up

Fortunately, we don’t disappear after the installation is complete. If you ever need training, updated equipment, or service, we’ll be ready to jump in and help.

Your Network Services Provider

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