Smart Building Solutions

Livewire’s smart building solutions automate important systems in your facility or office, including heating, cooling, and lighting. These systems allow you to reduce utility costs without diverting time to managing lighting and climate control.

Our commercial climate control systems include smart thermostats intended to adhere to specific schedules. We handle the installation of these systems and help you design a heating and cooling schedule that matches your daily operations.

Commercial lighting is another of our energy management solutions. By automating lights, you save some of the time it takes to shut down the building at the end of the day. Lights connected to motion sensors are a perfect match for offices and meeting rooms since they reduce light usage to only the hours those rooms are in use.

Smart Building Features

With our smart building solutions, your business can harness the power of modern technologies to streamline costs and improve security.

Energy Management

Smart building systems are key to modern energy management. Lights, heating, and AV equipment are handled with sensors, timers, and remote apps. These all eliminate waste, making sure your business uses only as much energy as necessary.

Smart Lighting

Energy-efficient lights wired to motion sensors make sense for modern businesses in that offices, meeting areas, and conference halls are all lit only as long as they are in use. Light dimmers help with energy usage as well as enabling you to switch between bright task lighting and dim lighting for presentations.

Lighting configurations can even be pre-programmed for specific functions.

Climate Control

Designing the right schedule for your commercial space’s heating and cooling is key to minimizing overhead costs.

Modern thermostats can be programmed, and some models even “learn” patterns based on past usage, further streamlining HVAC-related expenses. Checking historical usage also enhances facilities management, providing you with data that you can use to plan routine checkups.

Custom Smart Building Solutions

At Livewire, we provide a variety of best-in-class technologies to help you build the perfect smart building solution for your enterprise. All of our solutions are fully scalable, allowing us to serve both large corporate offices as well as small establishments.

Let us help you select the right technologies for your company and implement them in ways that best further your business goals. The options we provide are customized to your size and needs, and you’ll have access to our extensive expertise when it comes to designing your system.


We’ll collaborate with you on pinning down the features and scale you need for your system. This way, we’re able to provide the right smart building technologies to help your business progress.


Once the details have been hashed out, we present you with a comprehensive plan of how your smart building system will work. Upon approval, we’ll go ahead with the installation.


We test each component of your system to ensure it works the way it should. We’ll also walk you through how to use each type of technology, making sure you understand completely how it works before the project is declared complete.

Follow Up

Once everything is installed and ready to go, you can rely on us for continued support if anything goes wrong or if you want to update your system. As your business grows, so will the energy management solutions you need, and Livewire is always available to help you when you need an upgrade.

Commercial Energy Management & Smart Building Solutions

Our commitment to excellence and professionalism ensures that each of our clients is provided the best service and smart building solutions available.

To get started designing a system that meets the needs of your office or facility, contact Livewire to speak with one of our highly qualified professionals.

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