Commercial Technology Solutions

Livewire provides businesses with a wide range of commercial networking and wiring services.

Livewire provides complete commercial solutions to businesses throughout central Virginia. These services are designed to offer high-quality functionality, security, and cost savings to your building, whether you operate out of a corporate office, hospital, museum, store, or industrial facility.

Our commercial solutions afford businesses greater internal and external communication while creating a feeling of hospitality for their clients. They supply peace of mind and a level of automation that helps them focus more resources on their core functions.

Our technicians are specially trained to provide the best possible solutions to your business, and we work with you from initial design through installation.

Livewire’s commercial network services bring reliable connectivity to your location. The services we offer include Wi-Fi and network router installation, commercial cabling and wiring, and cellular signal boosters.

Our commercial Wi-Fi installation services bring fast, dependable wireless connectivity to your company’s location. We include network router installation designed to grant complete coverage.

Cabling and wiring are both vital to commercial networks, especially since wired connections are more reliable than wireless. Even routers require some wiring, and we handle that through expert cabling installation.

If you rely on cellular phones in your office, store, or facility, we can also provide you with commercial cellular signal boosters. These devices take signals from your mobile devices and amplify them, so they reach every nook and cranny of your location, making them perfect for industrial applications.

Many businesses depend on audiovisual systems to improve communication and functionality within their facilities. These video and sound solutions need to be expertly constructed and installed to make sure they are completely reliable while granting the highest quality images and sound possible.

Custom audiovisual installation is one of our areas of expertise.

Commercial sound systems include commercial speakers, acoustics, and wireless microphone systems. Using only the best products, we ensure your sound system can satisfy your needs, whether you need a full building PA system or audio systems in your meeting rooms.

Our video systems include commercial projectors and screens, which are excellent for conferences and presentations. We also provide video conferencing equipment for connecting with employees traveling abroad, other companies, and vendors.

Digital signage is another component of our commercial A/V solutions. A well-designed signage system enables you to truly shine and stand out from your competitors.

Livewire’s smart building solutions automate important systems in your facility or office, including heating, cooling, and lighting. These systems allow you to reduce utility costs without diverting time to managing lighting and climate control.

Our commercial climate control systems include smart thermostats intended to adhere to specific schedules. We handle the installation of these systems and help you design a heating and cooling schedule that matches your daily operations.

Commercial lighting is another of our energy management solutions. By automating lights, you save some of the time it takes to shut down the building at the end of the day. Lights connected to motion sensors are a perfect match for offices and meeting rooms since they reduce light usage to only the hours those rooms are in use.

When protecting your building and assets, top-notch security is key. Our commercial security surveillance systems are designed to deter unlawful entry, allowing you control to track access.

Access control is key to any commercial security system. Access control systems may use ID cards, access codes, or both, and they serve to restrict access to only those with a right to it. In addition, they enhance accountability since you can track who enters and exits the premises at all times.

Commercial security cameras boost security by putting eyes on key areas of your building. Modern surveillance cameras can capture sharp images and record hours of high-resolution footage, all of which can be accessed remotely.

Commercial surveillance combines well with intrusion detection systems at key points, including doors, windows, and hallways. The combination of sensors, cameras, and access control helps keep your building secure at all hours.

Each of the rooms you use has its own purpose, but many commercial spaces lack the technology to leverage the true potential the space offers. We can help your business get the most out of your commercial space with the right technology. Click on the button below to see the types of rooms we typically outfit and the technology solutions we offer in those rooms.

Every industry has unique requirements for technology and identifying the right configuration is key to the productivity of your business. We can help you determine the best technology components for your organization and implement them in a way that streamlines how your workplace operates. Click on the button below to see all the industries we serve and the technology solutions we offer for those industries.

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Commercial Case Studies that Highlight Our Work

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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I just had Livewire install my new theater room, as well as sonos and other televisions throughout the house and I have to say they did an excellent job! They made the installation process painless and guided me effortlessly through the instructions for use...they were so patient! Brad recommended a great package that fit my needs perfectly. Very happy with my whole Livewire experience!
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I have been working with LiveWire since the construction of my home in Spring 2016. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with several individuals to create a superb system for my home theater room. Installation was this week of all of my equipment and everything is above what I expected. Not only did the crew do a fabulous job on installation, but were very well versed to answer any questions I had. I would recommend this company to anyone!
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Livewire did a great job getting together our home theater set up. They helped at every point and were always available for questions. I would use their services again in a heartbeat.

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