Technology systems occasionally experience disruptions.  We want to keep things simple and provide support if your systems experience any of these disruptions. From proactively monitoring and fixing your system remotely to enabling you to reset your own system easily, Livewire has you covered.

Experience the Benefits:
Cuts Service Calls by 80%  > Lower Cost of Ownership  > System Reliability


Ongoing Technical Support Options to Meet Your Needs and Budget:

*Loss of Internet may prevent Invision from working properly and necessitate a service call. Discounted service call rates apply to Invision connected hardware only. In order to control certain hardware, additional IP power products may be required (and priced a la carte).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can InVision monitor?

  • Whether most of your network connected devices are up and running.
  • Temperature and health of many connected AV devices and light switches
  • Internet up/down state and average upload/download speeds

What can’t InVision monitor?

  • Quality of audio/video (a connected network media player may show as up but the audio or video may still be experiencing issues)
  • Different apps or services within connected network devices (i.e. Netflix not working or Pandora producing an error message within a functioning Apple TV or Sonos player)
  • Toasters, wicker baskets, toilets, major home appliances (yet), pets, kids, plant life or threats from zombies.

My service technician mentioned InVision. What are the benefits of signing up before or during my service call?

  • We’ll comp the first hour of your service call ($149 value) and the InVision remote monitoring appliance ($250 value)
  • You’ll be eligible for 40% off any IP Power products you buy from us and install during that visit or any follow-up visits related to the initial service call.


How do I sign up?

Just pick your flavor below and sign up right here safely and securely:
Invision Full Service
Invision Express