Does RAM Impact Internet Speed?

Many people believe that having lots of RAM means faster downloads and quicker browsing online. But does RAM actually impact your internet speed? The short answer might be yes, but there is a lot more to understand when trying to get the most out of your network. For example, your browser of choice can have […]

Is Ethernet Necessary in 2022?

If you want a flexible workspace, go with wifi. But if you want fast, reliable connections, you need to go with ethernet. At least that’s been the line of thinking for the past decade or so. Comparing an ethernet connection to wifi isn’t just about speed. There are more advantages and drawbacks to both options […]

Product Review: eero Pro 6 Mesh Wi-Fi Network

We put the new eero Pro 6 mesh wi-fi network to the test The folks at eero sent me their new eero Pro 6 mesh system to try out last month. This is the first new product since their recent acquisition by Amazon so I was doubly interested to see how this new release would […]