Does Your Control System Need More Than One App?

Here at Livewire, we get asked all the time which approach is best for navigating your control system; “one app to rule them all” or multiple apps? We decided to create a simple article highlighting the pros & cons of each category to help our clients decide for themselves which one works best for their […]

Top Smart Home Technology for Convenience and Comfort

The latest smart home technology for heating, cooling, and plumbing makes it even easier to stay on top of your energy usage. It’s also a great way to balance your family’s comfort with lower energy bills. The best part is that there isn’t much work required on your end. And you can monitor your home […]

Should I Install a Control System?

We’ve come a long way since the birth of the smart home control system. Once so expensive they were reserved for a select few, we now live in a world chock full of choices! With so many shiny objects available, it can be an intimidating process to tackle on your own. Livewire caters to these […]

What Can Control4 Do?

So you’re interested in smart home automation. You want to control your home theater, lights, locks, and doorbells from your phone or with just your voice. And you should be! Smart home tech is becoming both more affordable and available. But the beating heart of every smart home is a control hub, and Control4 represents […]