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Payment Terms for Recurring Monthly Services

Thank you for choosing Livewire LLC, we appreciate your business!

By clicking ‘Subscribe’ you agree that Livewire LLC will provide the services listed and charge your credit card for the specified amount on a monthly basis. You can update your card on file at any time by calling 804-793-8919 or using the customer portal for self-service. Failure to update your payment method or declined payments will not absolve you from the responsibility to pay for services provided.

Cancellation requests must be in writing and received at least 15 days before the next scheduled payment date to be considered. Please see your contract for any contract term that will apply to your security account. All sales are final, no refunds. Cancellations, if approved, will only apply to future installments.

Payment Terms for Limited Support Plans

Thank you for choosing Livewire LLC for your ongoing service needs!

By clicking ‘Subscribe’ you agree that Livewire LLC will service your equipment or system on an “as needed” basis upon request at our current hourly service rates. You also agree that any and all time spent troubleshooting and repairing your system, answering questions, loading and unloading tools and equipment required to perform the necessary work you’ve requested at your home or business, and any travel outside of our normal range will be deemed billable time. Billable time may include time spent on-site as well as remote assistance.

Livewire asks that a valid credit card be kept on file at all times to be used in the event that you are unable to make yourself available at the time of completion as payment is due upon services rendered. We ask that you or your representative be on site to make a payment at the time of completion, but, by signing this agreement, you agree that Livewire has permission to use your card on file for any payment due.