What are the signs it’s time to replace my smoke alarm?

Have you ever wondered if your smoke alarm is doing its job, quietly keeping your home safe? Like any reliable home technology, smoke alarms have their lifespan, and recognizing the signs it’s time to replace them is the key to maintaining a secure home. At Livewire, we’ve had countless conversations with households in the Richmond […]

Product Review: Bluesound Node X Music Streamer Packs a Punch

For those looking to add a little oomph to their old stereo rigs without having to get rid of otherwise perfectly good gear, Bluesound created its latest music streamer, the Node X, to mark 10 years of its multiroom high resolution audio streaming platform. The little box packs a punch, with an ESS Sabre HiFi DAC […]

Product Review: Leon’s FrameBar Designer Speaker for the Samsung Frame TV

Samsung’s Frame TV is a clear winner. Until it came along in 2017, the custom installation industry trafficked in myriad solutions for hiding TVs. There were roll down screens, movable pieces of art, lifts and screensaver slideshows all trying to pass as display camouflage. Then came the day when we all saw the Samsung Frame […]

Livewire Operations Manager Chats With Henrico CTE Now Podcast

Marianne McGhee and Mike Roberts chat with Josh McDonough We’re excited to announce that our Operations Manager, Josh McDonough, recently sat down for an insightful chat on the Henrico CTE Now podcast. The podcast episode delves into the world of cutting-edge technology solutions and how Livewire is partnering with Henrico CTE to empower the next […]

Testing the Alarm.com Car Connector in Actual Field Conditions

Alarm.com sent me their new Car Connector to test out in the Clifford family SUV. The sleek little box promises to monitor vehicle health, driving patterns and act as an easy locator in any “dude, where’s my car?” situations. I don’t have teenagers yet but would imagine a product like this would be a godsend […]