Livewire Operations Manager Chats With Henrico CTE Now Podcast

Henrico CTE Podcast interviews Josh at Livewire

Marianne McGhee and Mike Roberts chat with Josh McDonough

We’re excited to announce that our Operations Manager, Josh McDonough, recently sat down for an insightful chat on the Henrico CTE Now podcast. The podcast episode delves into the world of cutting-edge technology solutions and how Livewire is partnering with Henrico CTE to empower the next generation of technician talent.

Josh pulls back the curtain on Livewire’s mission to bring top-notch technology to homes and businesses across the region. He also gets real about the growing demand for skilled tech professionals and how the Livewire Technician Internship Program is helping bridge the gap.

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Josh answering Henrico CTE Podcast qustions

Listen to Henrico CTE Now Podcast Season 5, Episode 20