Assistive Technology

Home automation isn’t limited to savvy lighting schemes and impressive home theater setups. In fact, you can have all the automated home technologies available but still benefit from highly specialized, specific solutions. Let us elaborate.

Every home, every family has changing needs which sometimes requires custom solutions. Whether this is through devices that help you communicate or modifications that make your home easier to navigate, Livewire can solve any accessibility challenge. Through a wide variety of unique assistive technologies, our expert integrators can configure and install solutions that deliver a home that is safe and livable for everyone.

At Livewire, assistive technologies go well beyond smartphone apps and emergency response systems to devices, equipment, and technologies that make your home smart and safe. These technologies are ideal for people with mobility issues, the elderly, or anyone that wants home life to be more convenient and comfortable. Livewire has a host of solutions available to help you remain independent or broaden your capabilities.

Freedom at home with assistive technologies

Through our partnership with Mobility Supercenter, we offer unparalleled service and design expertise. Easy to use, fully integrated technologies like equipment, devices, and other solutions include but are not limited to the following…

  • Whole-house communication systems
  • Remote operated door and window treatment controls
  • Security systems with live camera feeds
  • Voice recognition software solutions
  • Reminder alarm systems
  • Mobility equipment like lifts, ramps and much more

Curious about investing in independence and comfort?

Livewire designs and installs systems that allow you to maintain freedom and quality of life while improving safety and accessibility around your home. If you or a loved one are facing challenges, let us make your wish of staying at home a reality through our assistive technology solutions. Our expert integrators will come to you for a free consultation to show you all the possibilities for accessible, easy living.

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