Distributed A/V

Enjoy entertainment and media content in your home from any room with the simple press of a button. Smart home audio and video control will give you one-touch access to your favorite shows, sports, movies, music, games and more whether it’s via cable or satellite, stored on a server, or streamed from the Internet. From listening to music throughout the house, or watching movies and shows on various televisions, Livewire can craft the perfect system for all your home entertainment needs and wants.

Gone are the days where entertainment is limited to your home theater or family room. With a whole home audio system, you can share your music sources across every room in your home. Volume knobs and remote stacks are out, high-tech, modern simplicity is in. Managing and enjoying your music is simple and intuitive by means of a touch panel, keypad, handheld RF remote, iPad® or similar Wi-Fi smart device—it’s all about how you want to access and control audio entertainment. Adding multi-room video enables you to share a single video source across multiple televisions throughout your home making it easy to record programs, queue movies and watch live TV in any room. Whole house distributed audio video systems consolidate and streamline the way you entertain and relax at home.

Benefits of Distributed A/V Systems

  • Significantly reduces the volume of equipment and electronic components required wherever you want to watch or listen to entertainment sources.
  • Compatibility and growth for incorporating other smart home technologies like climate and lighting control, security, as well as home networking equipment.
  • Distribution isn’t limited to the interiors and can be taken outdoors to make your backyard an extension of your home.
  • Anytime, anywhere—pick up where you left off in your show or movie from the bedroom, or move the party outside by queuing up the outdoor sound system.
  • Choose how the system is controlled—by eliminating multiple remotes, knobs and buttons we eliminate the learning curve—Livewire makes it that simple!

Ready to change the way you relax and entertain at home?

Livewire can simplify your home’s audio-video setup and even install, program, and calibrate your new equipment. Whether it’s with one central hub, several, or a hub setup with some local components, there are endless options for configuring your whole house audio-video system. Our expert integrators hide unsightly wires, optimize speaker placement and keep your electronic components from infringing on your home’s style. Trust in us to engineer the perfect digital entertainment setup for your needs.

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