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Complete Control with Smart Home Automation

Smart technology has made an impressionable impact on our culture, and continues to revolutionize our lives affecting everything from entertainment to health, houses to cars. Smart home automation systems play a big role, seizing control of home security, climate, music, video, lights and much more making daily routines easier, more comfortable and safer.

At Livewire, we’re committed to keeping you connected and in total control—whether you’re home or on the road.  With a Savant System, the sky’s the limit.  Wired specifically for your home to meet your needs, the system integrates and streamlines all the functions you depend on day in and day out.  Regardless of the manufacturer or equipment type, we can customize a solution that incorporates any electronic or subsystem within your home.

Customer Testimonials:

Josh and Matt did an excellent job installing the security system. Very professional and easy to work with. Very patient and willing to help understand what they have installed. I highly recommend this business for any of your wiring needs, security system, and lighting automation.
Stephen Terrell
Stephen Terrell
17:55 28 May 21
LiveWire exceeded all of my expectations! I spent countless hours and dollars failing to install home automation gadgets. I wish I had called Henry and his gang sooner. They finished in less than a day and left the house the way they arrived. 5 STARS!
Randy Sklar
Randy Sklar
22:11 27 Dec 18
I absolutely love Livewire! Henry and his amazing team have taken care of all of my security and home automation needs at my business and residence. Every job was completed with impeccable workmanship, and their customer service is top notch. Thank you, Livewire for several jobs well done!
Kyle Yocom
Kyle Yocom
11:30 20 Mar 17
Top notch. These guys know their stuff when it comes to home automation. Brilliant process for identifying my needs and did a great job helping me understand the equipment.
John Keller
John Keller
19:47 17 Mar 17

Simplify Life with Greater Control

We believe there’s no better way to simplify your life than with home automation technologies.  We’ll get to know the needs of you and your family to customize the perfect host of technologies.  You’ll also get comprehensive training on how to program and operate the home control system.  Imagine the possibilities of home automation…

  • Illuminating your home’s interior and exterior – This is great not just as a security feature, but also for convenience. Of course, if you hear or see suspicious activity, it’s ideal to be able to turn on your lights without physically being at the light switch. But probably the most use you’ll get out of this feature is coming home to an already lighted house before you even open the door. You’ll especially appreciate this when your arms are full of groceries or you’re coming in out of a rain storm.
  • Locking, unlocking doors and activating security systems – Getting snuggled in bed and realizing you forgot to turn on the alarm or lock the front door is no fun. With home automation, you can complete those tasks without leaving the comfort of your bed. All it takes is a touch of your device and you can lock downstairs doors from upstairs.
  • Tuning in to your favorite television channel or cueing up music – This is perfect for entertaining guests or just relaxing with family. For large gatherings, you can simulcast your selected music in multiple rooms throughout your home. You can even make a playlist for any occasion or to match your mood. You also have total control over TV shows and movies – your home automation is Blu-Ray compatible!
  • Adjusting indoor temperature – Don’t come home to a freezing or sweltering house. Control your thermostat remotely, and save money on energy if the outside temperature changes while you’re away. You can even set things up so that heat only comes on during chilly nights, reducing energy expenditure during the day.
  • Opening and closing window treatments – You can control your drapes and blinds to let the light in or maintain your home’s privacy when you’re not there. If the day heats up, you can simply close your blinds from miles away to keep your home nice and cool.
  • Checking in on children or pets – This is much better than looking at a recording from a “nanny-cam” after the fact. Now you can check in on your loved ones in real time to ensure their safety and comfort.
  • Constant awareness through notifications – Your home automation system can send you alerts, from routine occurrences like a notification that the thermostat has been adjusted to important information such as a smoke alarm. Now you have continual awareness and control even if you’re hours away.
  • Dodging unwanted interruptions – The doorbell always seems to ring when you’re in the bath or in the middle of dinner. Now you can tell with a glance at your device whether you want to bother with a trip to the door. Home automation allows you to interface with your security cameras to see who is knocking. It’s like a physical caller ID!
  • And much more!

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Not for Everyone

Of course, not every product is a fit for every person, and home automation is no exception. For this cutting edge technology to be worth your while, it needs to be a good fit for your situation. Home automation is best for homeowners who live in medium to large houses. Owners of very small homes will not receive as much benefit, and renters would need their landlord’s express permission before having the system installed.

The more rooms you have, the better. That way you can automate more of your home’s functions, such as window treatments and televisions. Also, while cameras can provide security and safety for anyone, they are particularly well suited for those that have large amounts of property surrounding their homes, own pets, or have children.

Owners of older homes can still enjoy the convenience of home automation, but some updates may be necessary prior to system installation. For example, analog thermostats will need to be upgraded to digital versions and some door locks and window treatments may need to be changed out. However, these are the exception rather than the rule. For the most part, home automation can fit your home in its current state.

If you’re a strict do-it-yourselfer, home automation may not be a good fit for you. Although the operation is simple, installation of home automation is no easy task. Your home has to be properly wired throughout, and each piece of automation technology must be installed correctly for the system to function properly. It’s not a job that is suited to amateurs or a first timer. After all, there is a lot of high tech equipment, electrical wiring, and networking involved. For the sake of safety, efficiency, and doing the job right, this is one project that is best left to the professionals.

Custom Solutions—Designed for You

Smart technology is revolutionizing the way we live, affecting everything from entertainment and health to houses and cars. Smart home automation systems for music, video, lights, climate and home security are becoming more intelligent, enabling you to easily operate them from a smartphone, tablet, keypad, or touch panel.

Whether you’re at home or at the office, Livewire will keep you connected and put you in total control of all your spaces. Effortlessly open and close the blinds throughout your home with the push of a button, or adjust your heating and cooling settings from work using your smartphone. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Your life is simpler and your home will function better when all your smart products and systems work together.

Imagine this: You arrive home after a long day at the office. As you open the front door the lights immediately turn on, illuminating the foyer. Your favorite playlist starts playing through the in-wall speakers and follows you as you make your way to the kitchen.

Are remotes piled on your coffee table? Are your walls cluttered with banks of switches, knobs, or panels? Let our integrated solutions help streamline your space and reduce frustration. Plus, smart home technology adds convenience, comfort, and peace of mind. Solutions are available for new construction and existing homes.

Advanced Technology, but Easy to Use

Home automation works through smart technology, like a smartphone or pad, and is part of the “internet of things.” Your device sends instructions to your home equipment from wherever you are currently located. The whole system functions and is coordinated through your local home network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

When you use your device, signals are sent to your home network – even if you’re many miles away. Your network then instructs a specific piece of your home automation system to perform the action you command. For instance, start playing your selected music. That’s all there is to it. As long as your local home network is functioning and your home has power, you’re all set. When you arrive home, you’ll walk in to the sound of your favorite music.

However, you really don’t need to worry about the intricacies of how the system functions. The best part about home automation is you do not have to be an IT professional or have an engineering degree to use and enjoy it. Your system will be professionally installed and set up for you by Livewire’s experts. There is no reason to be intimidated by the technology – if you can operate a smart phone, you’ve got what it takes! The interface is simple, clearly labeled, and self-explanatory. Just tap the control you want and your smart device and home automation system handles the rest. It sounds easy, but it’s even easier once it’s installed in your home!

Get started with Home Automation

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