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Home Theater Design & Installation

Think an authentic theater experience is something you can only get at the movies?  Not so fast!  With a custom-designed home theater from Livewire, you can enjoy movies, sports, music, gaming and favorite shows from the comfort of your own home.   Whether you’re custom building, remodeling or retrofitting an existing room, our Home Theater Specialists can adapt any space into a luxury home theater.

At Livewire, our goal is to recreate all the elements you’d get at a movie theater—in your own home.  This includes everything from screen quality and crisp audio to state-of-the-art equipment, reclined seating, ambient lighting and much more.  That’s not all—every component of your new home theater can operate through the device of your choice, and we’ll provide ample training for the control system to ensure you’re ready to get up and running.

Designed & Engineered to Optimize Your Experience

Our expert integrators leave no stone unturned when it comes to your custom home theater.  Before the design and installation is complete, we guarantee all elements of your home theater are perfect, including…

  • Seating layouts designed for unobstructed views and ultimate comfort
  • Acoustic treatments to maximize sound and isolate outside noise
  • Name-brand equipment that perfects audio-visual features
  • Furniture and furnishings that compliment your aesthetic
  • Lighting strategies to enhance images and offer ambiance
  • Configured controls that operate the system through a single device

Custom-Designed Strategies

Bring the full theater experience into the comfort of your own home with Livewire’s custom-designed home theater installations. A dedicated home theater system is a room designed and engineered to optimize home audio and video. We work with you from the start to find the perfect solution for your home, even if it means adapting a racquetball court to fit your entertainment needs.

We begin with a plush seating layout to make sure there are no unobstructed views when a screen or television is installed later in the process. Lighting control helps to enhance the image from your high-definition, calibrated projector while providing flexibility to turn your home theater system into a multi-purpose room whether you’re watching a sports game, Blu-Ray movie or playing video games. Special acoustic treatments are created to isolate outside noise and speakers are placed to match the layout of the room and maximize sound.

With a variety of options for speakers, seating, and screens we can provide a design that perfectly matches your home’s aesthetics without sacrificing the quality of your home theater system. Our trusted name-brand equipment allows for integration into old systems or easy upgrades when new technology is released.

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