A Cost-Effective Solution For Revolutionizing Gym Audio

Are you tired of hitting the gym at a resort only to be greeted by lackluster audio systems? I certainly was, and after two disappointing trips, I decided it was time to engineer a solution that not only addresses this problem but also offers substantial cost benefits. Enter my conceptual design, a game-changer in the […]

How Much Do Business AV Systems Cost?

Training sessions, company meetings, product launches: a quality AV system is essential for all these and more. How do you know when you’ve installed a quality system? No one mentions it. But if your system is plagued with out-of-focus images and poor sound quality people will let you know! The same goes for connectivity issues. […]

ScreenBeam 1100 Plus: The Ultimate Virtual Meeting Solution

I’ve been searching for the ultimate virtual meeting hardware technology stack since the beginning of the pandemic. Cameras, microphones, wireless click dongles… you name it, I’ve probably tried it. While Barco ClickShare enjoys a dominant share of the wireless presentation space, I’ve made it my business to stay current on what else is out there. […]

Digital vs Traditional Signage

Not too long ago, the only way for businesses to communicate with customers was with traditional signage. Panners, posters, and vinyl adhesives covered billboards and littered storefronts. Today, digital signs have changed the way businesses communicate and pushed them to rethink the customer experience. It takes time and effort to update traditional signs, and they […]

How Much Does Sound Masking Cost?

The modern office looks far different than those of the Mad Men era. Big corner offices are out, while collaborative workspaces and open floor plans are in. While these new-look spaces have a lot of benefits, new concerns like noise distractions have crept up as well. Fortunately, installing a sound masking system can reduce the […]