How Much Does Sound Masking Cost?

The modern office looks far different than those of the Mad Men era. Big corner offices are out, while collaborative workspaces and open floor plans are in. While these new-look spaces have a lot of benefits, new concerns like noise distractions have crept up as well. Fortunately, installing a sound masking system can reduce the impact of noise on productivity. This article will take a look at the various factors that influence how much a typical sound masking system should cost.

How Does A Sound Masking System Work?

An electronic sound masking system works not by eliminating sound, but by introducing a continuous “pink noise.” As opposed to white noise, pink noise is meant to mask or offset the sound of voices, music, or nearby traffic. The system itself is usually installed in a centralized location while specialized speakers are dispersed around your office. This ensures the sound is evenly distributed to each workstation, office, and collaboration area.

If done properly, instead of distinct or distracting noises filling the office employees hear only a muffled blur of indistinct background sound. Think of it as a surround sound stereo system designed to block out distractions instead of cranking today’s top hits.

How Much Does it Cost?

While prices vary based on a number of factors, we find the average sound masking system costs about $3 to $6 per square foot. The location of the workspace, the size of the masking system, and which features are included all contribute to the overall cost of your system. Generally speaking, the bigger the floorspace covered, the cheaper the sound masking system per square foot.

Regardless of cost, sound masking is one of the most cost-effective, flexible, and scalable solutions to reduce office distractions and ensure acoustic privacy. If considered in the planning stage of new office projects, it can actually help save money. It makes it possible to achieve greater levels of sonic privacy and comfort with less insulation in interior walls, cheaper acoustic ceiling tiles, and lower partitions. Project teams can see savings of up to $3 per square foot in construction and soundproofing work.

What about after construction is over, will the savings continue to roll in? Well, how does improved productivity in the workplace sound? Independent studies have consistently shown a 10 to 25% improvement in employee productivity attributed to reducing common office distractions.

And you’re not just buying a sound masking system to help employees concentrate better and get more done. You’re making a sound investment in their everyday comfort. They’ll feel better knowing that they can discuss private matters behind closed doors without being overheard, take phone calls without becoming the center of attention, and collaborate with teammates without disturbing those deeply focused on individual work.

So What’s Next?

So you’ve done your homework, and think a sound masking solution might be just what you’re looking for. But how do you know if it’s truly the right move for you and your space?

That’s where we come in. Livewire has over 20 years of experience working with customers’ unique needs. Book your appointment today, and we’ll help judge if this is the right investment for your business!