Have You Considered Invisible Speakers?

If you ask an interior decorator about loudspeakers, they will tell you a speaker should be heard and not seen. What if we told you your home could be filled with music and the speakers could be completely invisible? Not only that – but it would actually still sound great! Well, put your wands away […]

Restaurant Sound System Tips and Tricks

Working in the restaurant industry, you get used to a certain amount of noise. The clang of silverware on plates. The din of chattering restaurant guests. The shrill sound of a blender at the bar. Restaurants are naturally bustling environments, but when the sound becomes overwhelming it can turn off diners in a big way. […]

Sound Masking vs White Noise

Sound masking is often misunderstood as white noise. Both are designed to minimize distractions and increase focus, so what’s the difference? Let’s dive into it! What is White Noise? White noise refers to a noise that contains all frequencies across the spectrum of audible sound in equal measure. White noise spans multiple bands of sound, […]

SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer: New Age Bass Performance

I have reviewed a few subwoofers over the years and thought my days of auditioning big boxes were behind me. What could possibly be new under the sun in the world of bass? That was before I strolled into a demo room at La Cantera Resort in San Antonio last year, lured there by killer […]

Biophilia and Smart Home Technology

We’ve seen an abundance of interest this year around biophilia in the home technology space. What is it and how can we best leverage it in homes simply, reliably, and cost-effectively? I’ve spent the last six months researching the latest trends and wanted to share my findings. What is Biophilia? Biophilia refers to our innate […]

Product Review: GoldenEar BRX Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Sleek Design and a Killer Sound We all love to search for the “best of” across any category – club sandwiches, mittens, you name it. My own passion lately has centered around, wait for it… bookshelf speakers. Questing for the ultimate big things/little packages sound experience has led me far and wide with my latest […]