Have You Considered Invisible Speakers?

If you ask an interior decorator about loudspeakers, they will tell you a speaker should be heard and not seen. What if we told you your home could be filled with music and the speakers could be completely invisible? Not only that – but it would actually still sound great!

Well, put your wands away because it’s no Harry Potter trick. Livewire carries an array of speaker options that, after installation, are invisible within any room. These speakers can be installed in the walls or ceilings and still provide the best sound quality for the room’s layout. Whether you have an existing home or building, we offer plenty of options for either application.

Invisible Speakers: A Brief History Lesson

While invisible speakers feel like a notion from the future, they’ve actually been around for quite a while. However, they’ve been weighed down by a history of poor sound quality. Significant improvements have been made over the years, though, and there are now a considerable number of companies offering high-performance invisible speakers.

While each company has its unique pros and cons – a few concepts are common among the high-performance lines. This involves an independent vibrating flat panel (rather than the usual cone/dome-shaped transducers) flush with the wallboard, which is then either painted over or covered up so it blends in with the surrounding wall. Unless you have extensive carpentry, taping, and wall finishing skills, plus a background in professional-level AV installation – this is not a DIY project.

Doesn’t Just Blend In

Aside from the obvious perk of blending in with your decor, there are a few other benefits to installing invisible speakers. The flat panel used to create and project sound into the room offers a much wider dispersion angle than several traditional speakers. Where a typical in-room speaker might have a dispersion of around 30 to 45 degrees, invisible speakers are often rated in the 80 to 90 degrees range. This is especially helpful in expanding the sweet spot to encompass more listeners as well as extending the coverage area in large rooms.

Not Without Some Drawbacks

There are a couple of issues to be aware of regarding invisible speakers. As complex as they are to install properly, it’s equally difficult if they need to be repaired or replaced. Not to mention that after making any needed repairs, the entire installation process has to be repeated. As a result, many companies incorporate built-in, self-resetting circuits to prevent overloading the drivers to the point of failure.

Furthermore, invisible speakers don’t offer the amount of bass output that many people look for in sophisticated sound systems. If you’re looking to install a high-performance home theater or dedicated two-channel music system – these may not be the best solution for you. However, if you’re looking for the ultimate, stealthy, sound system – they do make invisible subwoofers too.

Sound Solutions Engineered For You

Despite the trade-offs of invisible speakers, once the speakers are installed and the paint is dry, the speakers will be out-of-sight and out-of-mind – until you turn the system on. Let us know if you think invisible speakers would be the right fit for you, and we’ll partner with your contractor and interior designer to always guarantee the perfect finish!


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