Product Review: Savant Power System Demo Kit

The Savant Power System is all about catering to a desire for energy independence through alternative energy sources and time-of-use (TOU) power schedules As more energy and lighting options are flooding the market in recent months, it’s starting to resemble one of the AV world’s original “raisons d’etre”: Replacing coffee tables of clutter with universal […]

5 Ways You Can Save Money with Smart Home Tech

When you think about saving money at home, what are some of the practices that come to mind? It’s probably something like remembering to shut off lights, make sure faucets are fully closed off, or take shorter showers. They sound like obvious habits, but making sure they’re done every day is easier said than done. […]

Smart Home Automation Allows You to Access Anything for Anywhere

Livewire is Your Local Integration Expert Smart home automation puts you in control of your home and all the various features within it. From the time we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep at night, we’re surrounded by all sorts of smart devices and electronics that help us stay connected to […]