Product Review: Savant Power System Demo Kit

Savant Power System in a garage

The Savant Power System is all about catering to a desire for energy independence through alternative energy sources and time-of-use (TOU) power schedules

As more energy and lighting options are flooding the market in recent months, it’s starting to resemble one of the AV world’s original “raisons d’etre”: Replacing coffee tables of clutter with universal remote controls. Instead of having apps for solar, EV charging, energy management, and backup generators, Savant is riding to the rescue by offering an integrated approach leveraging the same appeal to simplicity that many homeowners have gotten accustomed to with their other home technology systems.

The Hyannis, MA-based company sent me a Savant Power System demo pedestal kit to test drive their solution firsthand. Would this be a bunch of complicated space junk or truly deliver on the promise of energy independence? I was about to find out.

Savant is quickly becoming an industry juggernaut after its purchase of GE Lighting and similar acquisitions over the last few years. They have a forked sales strategy: selling directly to consumers in big box stores with products like its CYNC line of smart lighting control modules and into the luxury residential space through a network of certified dealers. With the launch of its Savant Power platform, they have (wisely) decided to deliver design and installation through these talented installation professionals.

The Savant Power System is all about catering to a strong desire for energy independence primarily from well-heeled homeowners looking to take advantage of alternative energy sources and time-of-use (TOU) power schedules that enable purchasing energy during off-peak hours, then storing and subsequently consuming this energy during peak demand periods throughout the day. The system consists of three main components: local battery storage, smart electric vehicle charging, and flexible load management.

Savant Power System Local Battery Storage

A combination inverter and battery storage tower are the brains of the Savant Power System operation, dynamically handling solar AC/DC, grid power, and myriad other power sources. Although the incoming power is not conditioned, the system monitors over voltage, under voltage, frequency, and stability. If anything looks amiss, the system immediately shifts to battery storage, ensuring clean power is always delivered to sensitive electronics throughout the home. Savant Power can support 200- to 800-amp incoming electrical services and offers the following all-in budget guidance for these common residential scenarios:

  • 200-amp service $23,000 MSRP with 20kw hours of battery storage – 2000-4000 square feet
  • 400-amp service $46,000 MSRP with 40kw hours of battery storage – 5000+ square feet


You may be asking yourself, “How much is 20kw hours of battery storage?” Thanks to the Savant Pro app, it’s very easy to figure out how much time is left on the battery in the event of a power outage. Similar to Tesla’s easy percent-based thermometer, the app features an hours/minutes left indicator and dynamically updates when switching appliances on and off.

I played with feature for quite some time and while my previous experiences during power outages had me compromising with our old generator approach by picking the important circuits in the house during installation, this new look at energy independence had me feeling much more in command. I switched a few appliances on an off while watching the battery life increase or dwindle in real time. I also loved the demo pedestal’s ability to simulate a power outage just by pressing a button on the side of the cabinet.

Smart Electric Vehicle Charging with Savant Power System

While it supports any Level 2 charger, Savant offers its own EV plug-in module for $800 MSRP. With the advent of products like the Ford F-150 Lightning, which touts the ability to power the home, products like those offered within the Savant Power System family are quickly becoming a necessity rather just a “nice-to-have” way of intelligently managing a wide variety of power options.

Flexible Load Management with Savant Power System

Paired with the smart inverter, Savant’s flexible load management pairs a control module with each circuit breaker in the panel, delivering simple labels on the app to enable easy on/off control via checkboxes from a phone or tablet. Savant suggests budgeting $3,000 MSRP assuming an incoming 200-amp service with 30 circuits.

Once these key modules are installed and working, Savant offers three energy management modes, putting an incredible level of control in the hands of the homeowner:

  • Eco Mode – Grid use is reduced by maximizing solar and battery
  • Storm Watch – Automatically reserves all available battery storage for a predicted off-grid or weather event while storing energy and protecting the home from a possible outage.
  • Power Outage – Disconnect from the grid and run entirely on solar and battery

Final Report

The Savant Power System offers an amazing level of autonomy and energy independence for customers seeking an integrated experience that can allay fears of what might happen during a grid outage. It is simple, intuitive and, with a 30% federal tax credit available until 2032, deserves a strong look during construction, especially if backup power is part of the discussion. For those with the available budget, a Savant Power System is a no-brainer.