Wall-to-Wall Wifi for Home Automation

Have you ever had to struggle with faulty wifi?  We’ve all had that one room that always seems to have a spotty signal. Or maybe that one system that seems to go in and out of service. It can be frustrating to feel like your need to be tethered to a router to get a […]

Upgrade Your Wifi With The eero Pro 6E Mesh

I can’t resist new shiny objects. Even though the Wi-Fi 6 standard just debuted less than 24 months ago, that may as well have been a decade in tech years. The new eero WiFi Pro 6E mesh network is a great example of this new phenomenon of incremental, but nevertheless meaningful, upgrades well before the […]

Your Wi-Fi Signal And 9 Obstacles Killing It Softly

You’ve done everything right, so why is your wi-fi signal still spotty? Anything in your line of sight can negatively impact your Wi-Fi signal. The materials used to construct your home, your neighbor’s networking activity, the layout of your furniture, and even certain kitchen appliances can impede the performance of a home network. But what […]