Product Review: IOGEAR 4K Video Extender/Splitter

I’ve been frustrated and occasionally delighted (but mostly frustrated) by the little black boxes we use in the custom installation channel to send out HD video from a stack of gear in the main AV rack across the room (or house) to its intended destination while praying that the signal makes the journey in one […]

What Is Home Network Monitoring?

More and more, smart homes are becoming the standard as opposed to the exception. Homes decked out with smart cameras, doorbells, locks, voice assistants, lighting, and more! And the key to making sure all this technology runs smoothly is a lighting-fast home network. But underneath all of those connections, devices, and the internet is a […]

Are you Technically Ready for Back to School?

The back-to-school season looks a little different these days! With several schools now offering virtual learning programs, parents might be investing in desks, laptops, and other supplies along with the usual notebooks and lunch boxes. The good news is you get to save some money on backpacks and school clothes! Here are just a few […]

Upgrade Your Wifi With The eero Pro 6E Mesh

I can’t resist new shiny objects. Even though the Wi-Fi 6 standard just debuted less than 24 months ago, that may as well have been a decade in tech years. The new eero WiFi Pro 6E mesh network is a great example of this new phenomenon of incremental, but nevertheless meaningful, upgrades well before the […]

Cybersecurity Tips for Your Smart Home

Even the most tech-savvy among us can feel like a babe in the woods when it comes to protecting a home or business network from cybersecurity threats. When we explain to clients why it’s important, it helps to compare cybercrime to the physical security industry. I explain that their home or business now has digital […]

Is My E-Learning and Telework Technology Set Up Properly?

The ability to learn and work remotely has evolved from a luxury to a necessity over the past couple of years. What’s more, the trend shows no sign of going away any time soon. As you plan for the new normal, there are a couple of key focus areas which will set you up for […]

Work from Home: Stay Connected & Productive with Livewire

Our team can help keep you productive and your business running securely while working from your home office space. Book your technology check-up with our team of experts today. Work From Home Solutions From Livewire Remain competitive, productive, and connected as you work in a remote environment. A crucial part of staying collaborative is the […]