What Is Home Network Monitoring?

More and more, smart homes are becoming the standard as opposed to the exception. Homes decked out with smart cameras, doorbells, locks, voice assistants, lighting, and more! And the key to making sure all this technology runs smoothly is a lighting-fast home network. But underneath all of those connections, devices, and the internet is a world of data and signals working together. This is what makes home network monitoring such an important service for today’s homeowners.

There are a number of different ways to monitor your home network, like Livewire’s Invision service. But what exactly does home network monitoring entail? Let’s get into it.

What is Home Network Monitoring?

To put it plainly, a home network monitoring service is a great way to keep track of the technology in your home. The monitoring service can track all devices connected to your network, the health of those devices, how much bandwidth they’re using, system or device downtimes, and much more. That information is shared with you, the client, in real time so you always have a complete picture of how your smart home performs.

Some monitoring services go a step further! In the case of Livewire’s Invision service, technicians are available 24/7 to access and fix your system remotely. In most cases, they’re able to fix a problem before the customer even knows there is one. Essentially, home network monitoring uses Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to measure the condition of your home 24/7, and then translates that data into proactive service. How’s that for peace of mind?

What are the Benefits?

Alright so you have the low down on what home network monitoring is, but what are some concrete benefits? We’re so glad you asked:

Early Damage Prevention

With smart home monitoring, you can detect outages, leaks, faulty equipment, and more much earlier. Not only does this make sure your issues are resolved as quickly as possible – there are cost savings too! With home network monitoring, you can skip most diagnostic or follow-up costs and parlay those savings straight into fixing the issue. What’s more, homes with network monitoring are often eligible for insurance premiums and increased property values.

Predictive Maintenance

It is always better to act before any damage occurs, and the more data available, the more proactive you can be in terms of system maintenance. Predictive maintenance allows you to assess future requirements and various associated costs much more accurately. This way, you can also largely avoid unexpected damage and costs.

Increased Efficiency

Smart metering lets you read meters quickly without needing scheduled appointments. But it also lets you plan and realize the reduction of energy and water consumption of your properties. This saves money and helps you be compliant with any energy efficiency standards.

Priority Service

While it may not be applicable to all home network monitoring providers, Livewire’s Invision service has plans that include priority (or even same-day) service. If an issue arises that can’t be solved remotely, you’ll move to the front of the service queue.

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