Custom Lighting Control
Lighting Control

Custom Lighting Control

An undeniable feature of every home is its lighting. Capable of changing the mood, opening up spaces, illuminating interiors, exteriors and much more, it’s no wonder that lighting control is one of the most popular home automation solutions. The best lighting solutions establish an aesthetic and should reflect your style, and Livewire welcomes you to step into the light with tailored lighting control solutions that promise to add style and safety to your home.

Our lighting control solutions are scalable and completely customizable. Wherever you want to start, be it in the kitchen or a home theater, we can implement appropriate lighting strategies that make it easy and cohesive to build upon in other areas of your home—inside and out!

Lighting that transforms your home and lifestyle

With Lutron’s specialized lighting solutions, products, and accessories, the custom lighting possibilities for your home are endless. As a homeowner you’ll instantly see the benefits like improved safety, comfort, energy efficiency, convenience and not to mention the special added quality you’ll feel in your home. A professionally designed and installed lighting control plan from Livewire offers you much more…


Automate when and where your lights are activated—whether it’s to illuminate pathways throughout your home, around its exterior, or another predetermined scene appropriate for what’s going on. Shift the lighting in your living room to either accentuate the aesthetics of your furnishings or to highlight your entertainment center for a truly cinematic experience. Change lighting levels to one of various preset configurations that are fully customized to your needs, all with the press of a button. It’s quick, easy, and can all be done from the smartphone in your pocket.

Set lights to turn on when you enter a room or fade out when you leave, whether automatically or with a remote. Lighting can automatically switch on when the sun goes down, compensating for the lack of natural light in a room and allowing you to continue on with your evening activities without interruption. Outdoor spaces can also be lit automatically when the sun goes down, allowing a summer party to continue well into the night without you having to worry about hitting a switch.

Also, when you leave for the day—or when heading out on vacation—you don’t have to worry about turning out all the lights in your home before heading out the door. You can do it via your mobile device or through a remote mounted in your car. When you return home afterward, these same devices can be used to turn on the lights before you head in. Alternatively, an automated system can be programmed to follow your schedule and have the lights on and ready for you—all without having to lift a finger.

In addition to putting you in full control of your home’s lighting, our solutions are often very quick and easy to install, resulting in a minimal impact on your schedule while the system is being installed. Every aspect of these lighting systems can be customized to match your particular needs, thereby maximizing convenience for you and your family.

Custom Lighting Control


Reduce energy costs by never forgetting to turn lights off—do so with the push of a button, or leave it to motion sensors to remember for you. System features also allow you to take advantage of natural light when it’s available.

Specialized dimmers allow you to adjust lighting levels to match your current needs, and they can even be set to a schedule to follow your daily routine. Exterior lighting can be dimmed after certain hours and automatically shut off when the sun comes out, lights switch off after you leave a room, or they can go completely dark during daylight hours when natural light is strongest. This not only helps create the best possible aesthetic for your home, but also eliminates electrical wastage due to forgetfulness and other factors.

Lutron’s lighting control technology is compatible with high-efficiency light bulbs, maximizing the efficiency of these automatic and remote controlled systems. Combined with reducing wasted electricity from forgetting to shut off the lights for the night or while you’re away for vacation, custom automatic lighting can help you save on your energy bills. Remote controlled lighting can also be more efficient simply because of its convenience. With just the click of a button, you can dim the lights to reduce electricity usage.


Control how your home looks after dark and when you’re away—plan lighting schedules to mimic your daily routines or to vary randomly. Paired with the proper placement of exterior fixtures, automated lighting control prevents crime and the losses in damaged or stolen property that come with it. In addition, it protects you and your family while you’re at home.

With a lighting schedule that’s set to mimic your routine, you create the illusion that you’re still home while you are away, effectively deterring potential intruders. A randomized schedule can enhance that illusion, simulating the presence of a human being that thieves or trespassers can’t anticipate, making it less likely that they’ll try breaking in.

Safety goes beyond theft deterrence. Automated lighting can make your home safer for those who might get up in the middle of the night or who don’t see as well in darkened rooms. Rather than having to look around for a light switch or risk stumbling through a poorly lit area, those who enter a space can enjoy automatic lighting to illuminate their way and prevent potential accidents. This is especially helpful for the elderly or for those who have night blindness as it makes the home a far safer place.

Custom Lighting Control


Use lighting control technology to enhance the ambiance inside and outside of your home—the optimum lighting scheme and combinations are available for any occasion—it’s all in the palm of your hand. Lighting scenes can be custom designed to create the optimal effect for any situation. These can be a simple dimming of outdoor lights for a movie on your porch, or they can be more complex, such as highlighting certain furnishings or art pieces in a room while creating a hushed atmosphere to match soothing music over your distributed sound system. Shift lighting to help you relax after a long day at work, to invigorate a party, or to create a welcoming atmosphere when eating together with family, all with a few taps on your phone’s screen.

Our lighting solutions can be integrated into other features in your home automation system, including distributed audiovisual systems. As soon as you turn on a movie or start a certain soundtrack, the lighting systems can be set to adjust to match your current needs.


Lighting is a major aspect of interior and exterior design—the way certain features and details of your home are lit will have a dramatic effect on how it looks. The right setup can accentuate architectural detail, interior design and your most prized possessions with the right fixtures and lighting control solutions—make your home’s best features shine—or just make them look bigger and brighter!

These lighting systems can be fully customized to match the particular architectural and design nuances that make your home appealing and give it character. They can even be adjusted for seasonal effects, such as a bright, welcoming look for the winter holidays or a gloomy, foreboding atmosphere for Halloween night. It’s all in how you use light to accentuate the structural features and coloring of your home.

With a sound knowledge of how lighting impacts interior and exterior design, our customized lighting solutions can help boost the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Lighting Control for Your Home Theater

Remember back to the last time you were in the theater, how that experience felt no only during the movie but before and after. The quiet anticipation for the film when the lights dim down just as the movie is about to start. Now, you can recreate that experience in your home theater, all without needing to leave the comfort of your couch.

With a remote or smartphone in conjunction with installed dimmers, you can tone down the light to the perfect level, setting just the right tone for your home cinematic experience. Then, once the movie is over, turn the lights back up.

Home Office Lighting

If you work long hours from home, you know that concentration and good lighting are both key. Getting into the “zone” is a magical thing, and not something you want to interrupt once the sun starts to set. Remotely controlled dimmers allow you to quickly and effortlessly turn on the lights as you lose your natural lighting. Or you could opt for an automatic system where the lights turn on and off based on the time of day.

When you’re done with work or simply heading out for a break, automated sensors can shut the lights off for you, conserving energy and reducing your electricity bills.

Lighting For Your Kitchen

Home kitchens can be busy places, and each area needs to be well lit to preserve safety and make sure everything is done to perfection. Automated lighting controls can make baking, cooking, family meals, and home cleaning far simpler. Rely on sunlight by the day, then switch to electric lighting by evening, all without having to lift a finger or pull away from your tasks.

When combined with other in-house automation solutions, such as distributed audio-visual and smart heating and cooling, you can make the kitchen a highly convenient and tech-driven experience.

Basement Lighting

Basements are dark by design. Whether yours is used for storage, an extra living area, or as a play-place for the kids, the natural lighting is going to be minimal. Installing automated lighting controls with sensors or remotes can help you make basement usage far easier and safer. Install sensors so that when the door down into the depths opens, the lights automatically come on, lighting your way down. Once you’re done and head back up, the lights shut off on their own, conserving energy.

Lighting Control For Senior Living

If you have a grandparent living with you at home, or if you yourself need some extra assistance getting around, lighting control solutions can provide a higher level of convenience and safety. Automatic lighting for places like stairs, bathrooms, and bedrooms can help reduce the risk of trips and falls, making it easier for seniors to get around on their own without the risk of injury. This helps preserve independence and mobility in addition to helping conserve energy.

Whole-Home Lighting

While automated lighting control has great applications in specific areas of your home, they can be an excellent way to light your whole home as well. Whenever you enter a room while it’s dark, the lights come on. When you leave, they shut off. Dimming the lights in any area can set just the right mood, or they can simply act as a safety measure. Light dimmers are often very simple to install, and they can transform your home into an energy-saving haven where convenience and ease-of-living rule.

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