What is Home Automation?

Are you interested in home automation, but think it’s too complex and too expensive to implement in your home? Think again. Sure, the idea may sound overwhelming, out of reach perhaps, but in the past decade the concept of automation has become increasingly more attainable and realistic for homeowners. We attribute this growth to the widespread interest and acceptance of portable Wi-Fi devices, like smartphones and tablets. The more people make these devices part of their everyday lives, it’s a natural progression they’ll see the benefit in connected home automation technologies as well.

So, what exactly is home automation?

Home automation includes compatible smart home products linked through a central system and synced to your preferred device—smartphone, tablet, keypad or touch screen panel—for ultimate comfort, safety, efficiency and security in your home. If you’re in the home theater or the kitchen, want to check on the kids and pets while you’re away, or simply want to make sure you left lights on and the right temperature set, home automation gives you full control over what’s going on inside your home—when you’re there and when you’re not.

If you’re unfamiliar with home automation technologies you may be thinking about the “clap on, clap off” light switch that was all the rage in the 80’s. Fast forward to present and the trend goes well beyond light clappers and timers to include an impressive array of smart home automation technologies that never seemed possible a few decades ago. Consumers are so interested in home automation and the new technologies being developed that according to market research, it’s predicted that the global home automation market is expected to grow to nearly 80 billion by 2022.

Every corner of your home automated—inside and out

Livewire, your premiere technology integration company, is here to show you how you can automate nearly every system in your home. These are some ways we make technology simple…

Entertainment, Audio & Visual

Whether you’re building a home theater and need to sync audio visual equipment, or get just want to get rid of all those remotes on your coffee table, it’s possible with the right products and installation. Streaming videos, tuning into cable and satellite TV, programming the DVR, queuing up music and managing surround sound from your device has never been easier.

Automated Lighting Control

Lighting is typically the technology that first entices consumers to home automation. This is mostly due in part to its ease of use and success in decreasing energy costs. However, lighting control is much more than cutting back on costs, you’re able to manage which lights are on and when, as well as their brightness and color. Don’t forget about your home’s exterior, turn front porch lights, motion lights and pathway lighting on and off with the click of a button.

Automating Climate Control

Smart thermostats are huge when it comes to increasing energy efficiency and climate control. Day or night, home or away, you can sync preferences, then let the automation system adjust temperature accordingly. In addition to syncing up heating and cooling cycles, you can take advantage of other smart HVAC products like air vents, indoor air quality and humidity control systems for optimum comfort and lower energy bills.

Automate Security & Access Control

According to research conducted by iControl, 90% of homeowners said personal and family security is one of the most important reasons for using a home automation system. Security doesn’t get much better than remote video monitoring which allows you to check on your home from anywhere at anytime. This includes security cameras, alarms, locks and other secure access technologies. The result is peace-of-mind day in and day out with a safer, more secure home for you and your family.

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