Are High-CRI Bulbs Energy Efficient?

  We all want our homes to be filled with beautiful, vibrant colors. But when it comes to lighting, there’s a hidden factor called CRI that might make us worry about our energy bills.  Because we love quality light at Livewire, many of our lighting clients have asked us about the energy efficiency of CRI […]

5 Ways Custom Lighting Can Improve Your Home

Custom lighting can change the way your home functions and improve your life. Automated lighting not only makes your house more convenient, but it can also save you money while making your home more secure and comfortable at the same time! Whether you’re just starting to explore home automation technologies or want to add features […]

Voice-Activated Lighting – How it Works & How to Get It!

We’ve come a long way since the clapper! Today, spoken commands can control any number of household and office appliances, saving you the trouble of turning on the lights or even reaching for a remote. Many home lighting brands have incorporated voice-activated lighting control into their products, you have more options than ever to automate […]

6 Custom Lighting Ideas to Make Your Home Shine

Light plays a crucial role in home design. Minor changes in lighting schemes can have dramatic effects on a space. With just a few changes, the same space can shift from bright and playful to moody and relaxed. Make colors pop, ease out rough details, or layer lighting effects to create the perfect atmosphere. Let’s […]