6 Custom Lighting Ideas to Make Your Home Shine

Light plays a crucial role in home design. Minor changes in lighting schemes can have dramatic effects on a space. With just a few changes, the same space can shift from bright and playful to moody and relaxed. Make colors pop, ease out rough details, or layer lighting effects to create the perfect atmosphere. Let’s look at 7 custom lighting ideas you can try out in your home: 

1. Pendant Kitchen Lighting

In this design we see a pair of pendant lights hanging from the ceiling over the kitchen island. The glow from the fixtures warms up the marble, which compliments the white cabinetry, backsplash, and steel appliances well. You can see they doubled down on this effect with the accent lamp in the corner.

Together, they add a softer touch to the room which would otherwise be lit only by the recessed ceiling bulbs. The arrangement is important too, perpendicular to the window and right above where guests would sit to relax. Guests can enjoy both the natural lighting through the window as well as the calm, pleasant glow from above.

2. Casting Shade

Shading effects can impact the entire tone and temperature of the room. This reading nook features some nice contrast thanks to the lampshades on either end table. The bit of color breathes life into an attractive space heavy with brown, earthy tones. The added touch makes it just a bit more vibrant.

Simply switching out the shade on a lamp would dramatically alter the feel of a space. Imagine if the shade was more opaque in the design above. The light would be more focused above and below the fixture, and the contrast within the space more noticeable.

3. High-Efficiency Highlighting

LED lighting works exceptionally well at highlighting different features in your home. More than just energy-efficient, LED lighting comes in a range of options – from brightness levels to light color. In this example, each step features LED strip lighting along the base. The glow illuminates the adjoining wall as well, proving an elegant and modern solution to fumbling around in the dark. 

In the opposite corner, more strip lighting is used to highlight the shelving structure. This technique is a great way to subtly call attention to a room’s focal point or a conversation piece. These are a few examples of how your interior lighting scheme can make certain features in your home stand out. 

4. A Layered Living Room

Is there a reason a space can’t feel both modern AND cozy? The lighting used in the design above makes this modern living room feel more approachable.

  • – Spotlights along the wall call out bright art pieces
  • – LED strips along the ceiling provide nice accent lighting
  • – The central fixture highlights the sitting area below
  • – A corner lamp gives everything a touch of warmth

Layering different lighting effects can have a tremendous impact on the feel of any given space. Work with a lighting specialist and play around with different fixtures and tones until you find a style that fits your needs. You can also use bulbs with cooler temperatures if you prefer a more industrial look.

5. Establishing Elegance

This design features an elegant double chandelier that adds grace and warmth to the cream and white in the space. Dark blues and darker furnishings complement the soft glow well, and the whole room feels like a high-class lounge. The kind of place you’d want to kick back and relax after a long hard day. It’s a testament to how the right type of lighting can truly transform a space.

6. Cooking Something Rustic

Custom lighting doesn’t have to be complex to be effective. The textured island base and support beams, antique wood finishing on the cabinetry, and the muted decor are all unified by the pendant light with its simple shade. By day, sunlight streams in through the windows, and the light matches with an even glow that brings rustic times into the present with a unique design.

When the sun no longer adds its rays to the scene, the shaded pendant light casts a similar glow across the walls. An excellent space for dinner conversations or simply ruminating on days gone by.

Custom Home Lighting Solutions

Creating just the right scene in your home can be simple with a bit of design know-how and modern lighting technology. For more information visit our custom home lighting page, or contact Livewire today!