5 Ways Custom Lighting Can Improve Your Home

Custom lighting can change the way your home functions and improve your life. Automated lighting not only makes your house more convenient, but it can also save you money while making your home more secure and comfortable at the same time! Whether you’re just starting to explore home automation technologies or want to add features to your home networking or security system, lighting is an excellent place to start.

Benefits of Automated Home Lighting

Imagine a custom lighting system so smart it can cue exterior lighting as you pull into the driveway.  Light the path to coffee in the kitchen before you even leave your room. Maybe fade to black as you settle into your home theater for movie night—the possibilities are endless.  Here are some of the ways custom home lighting improves your quality of life at home…


We all have commonly walked paths throughout our homes.  From the primary to the kitchen, bathroom, or child’s room, or maybe from the garage or foyer into the main living spaces.  Custom home lighting helps to Illuminate popular pathways inside based on the time of day. Evening and nighttime pathways need to only be bright enough to get you to your destination. You definitely don’t want to wake family when they’re asleep. During the day, lighting can be kept to a minimum in favor of natural light.  Lights can be activated with the push of a button, programmed by motion sensors or triggered when you disarm your home security system.

Energy Savings

Increase the efficiency of your custom lighting with motion sensors that recognize when you’re leaving a room.  This helps save unnecessary energy associated with forgetting to turn lights off.  But that’s not all, save yourself the trouble of fumbling around for light when you’ve got your hands full.  Motion sensors can turn the lights off once you’ve left the room, and also switch them on when you enter.  Sensors can also measure incoming light to help you take advantage of the sun’s natural rays during the day to further decrease energy costs.


Interior and exterior custom lighting play a big role in home security.  Including lights in your home automation system makes your home look lived in at nighttime and when you’re away.  Vary the operation of lights to turn on and off in a random pattern, or program the system to mimic your daily routine.  Strategically placed outdoor lighting deters crime and makes your home safer for family members coming and going after dark.

Sets Ambiance

There’s nothing quite as powerful as lighting to create an ambiance.  Whatever activity or chore—cooking, reading, entertaining, or relaxing in your home theater, lighting provides the atmosphere for what’s about to happen. The right lighting schemes are a combination of general, task, and accent lighting.  Depending on the location and occasion you may want to dim the lights low or turn them up high.  Custom home lighting programs every fixture to illuminate the area based on your need so you aren’t fumbling around from switch to switch.

Accentuates Detail

It’s true that with the right custom lighting you can make any room look bigger and brighter.  Now imagine what you can do with the proper combination of fixtures and lighting controls.  Draw attention to your home’s best features—artwork or intricate architectural details, even just brighten a room you love.  With the right lighting strategy, you can accentuate your home’s best features—inside and out.  At Livewire, our expert integrators may suggest additional lighting fixtures to supplement your existing arrangement, as well as reposition those that will highlight the best features of your home.

Trust The Home Lighting Experts

Livewire is an authorized dealer, distributor, and installer of Lutron custom lighting control systems.  What’s unique about this system is the variety of products and accessories available to truly customize a lighting solution that benefits you and your family.  Advantages like improved safety, comfort, energy efficiency, and most importantly the quality of your home only begin to scratch the surface of what can be achieved with automated custom home lighting. The only thing left to do now is to apply for the replacement windows in Dallas or any other city, for windows still remain the main source of daylight inside the house.

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