Is Your Business Prepared for the 2023 Hurricane Season?

Does your business have a security plan in the event of a natural disaster like a Hurricane? NOAA predicts a near-normal 2023 Atlantic hurricane season, but the best time to make an emergency plan is before you need it. There are a few preventative measures you should be thinking about when preparing for hurricane season. […]

The Security of the Future is Now

 Did you know that before smart home technology and connected devices, security systems were tied to your phone line? So if the lines were down or the wires were cut, bye-bye security and awareness. It was that notion that drove Steve Trundle to launch, the solution that would bring home security technology into […]

Are You Prepared (and Secure) for Hurricane Season?

Does your business have a security plan in the event of a natural disaster like a Hurricane? There are a few preventative measures you should be taking with regard to preparing for hurricane season. Alarm System Most alarm systems have a backup battery in the event of a power outage. However, a battery backup won’t […]

Common Security Risks For Businesses

While many businesses are starting to wake up to the cyber risks posed by phishing and malware, it is essential that physical security is not neglected. After all, antivirus software won’t stop a physical attack. Without appropriate protection measures in place, your business is left vulnerable to threats. Let’s look at the most common security […]

The 3 Types of Access Control

There are three main types of access control systems, which determine how permissions are assigned and controlled within an organization. Not all fit with each business either. Business size, the number of users and entries, and the level of security needed all play a factor. For example, a single office will need very different security […]

Does Your Control System Need More Than One App?

Here at Livewire, we get asked all the time which approach is best for navigating your control system; “one app to rule them all” or multiple apps? We decided to create a simple article highlighting the pros & cons of each category to help our clients decide for themselves which one works best for their […]

Richmond Alarm Customers: Afraid Of Losing Your Security Service?

Richmond Alarm Company is now Johnson Controls Security Solutions. The global security provider, whose U.S. offices are located in Glendale, Wisconsin, acquired the local company in January. In the process, they’ve also made several decisions that could have an impact on your home security service. What’s Going On? Sources from Richmond Alarm Company have confirmed […] Connected Car Field Test sent me their new connected car device to test out in the Clifford family SUV. The sleek little box promises to monitor vehicle health and driving patterns. It will also act as an easy locator in any “dude, where’s my car?” situation. I don’t have teenagers yet but would imagine a product like this […]

Top 5 Access Control Problems for Businesses

No doubt you want your business to be secure. But, as with any technology, access control systems can have some issues. Certain systems require complex hardware, others require an extensive amount of system knowledge, some may not be secure enough!  Access control systems can also be improperly managed or set up, which can cause a […]

Black Friday Tech Deals from Brands We Love

The holidays are just around the corner! We’ve made our lists, checked them twice, and now we’re sharing some of the great season sales we’ve seen. Here are some amazing Black Friday tech deals to take advantage of! Home Entertainment If you’re looking to up your television game, Samsung has special offers on their amazing […]